An elaborate exploit or the undeniable truth? Jim Carrey is currently facing a lawsuit regarding the death of her girlfriend, Cathriona White. But with all the drama surrounding the 30-year-old make-up artist's death, the current suit filed by the victim's mother and estranged husband seems to raise more questions than actual answers.

A judge has already cleared two wrongful death lawsuits against the American funny man, but White's family insists that Jim Carrey had a hand in her untimely death. The Ireland native was found dead in her Los Angeles home in September 2015.

In a highly publicized report, coroners concluded that White died from an overdose of various prescription drugs. But the most shocking revelation of all was that she allegedly committed suicide.

Brigid Sweetman, White's mother, and the make-up artist's estranged husband, Mark Burton are again suing the 55-year-old actor for allegedly providing the prescription drugs that White used during her suicide. Surprisingly, a judge at Los Angeles Superior Court made it clear that she would not be dismissing the case despite the earlier ruling. Raymond Boucher, Carrey's lawyer even branded the newest lawsuit as "predatory," and "malicious."

Trial date set for next year

Dierdre Hill, the judge that accepted the case, has set the trial date in April 2018 and will last for 20 days.

After the hearing, Boucher told reporters that his client loved Ms. White dearly and added that the new lawsuit is a very painful process for Jim Carrey.

Carrey's lawyer added that the allegations against the comedian were too vague, noting that assertions made under the drug legislation would not tally with the law of conditions.

Moreover, the case filed against the actor is similar to Burton's original complaint in 2016, which claimed that "Carrey wrongfully and illegally obtained" the prescription drugs, a clear violation of the California law on drugs.

It also argues that Carrey attempted to conceal his involvement in White's death, but the charges have already thrown out of the window.

It's more likely that victim's family wants to exploit the actor's money, but if what they are saying is true, there could have been an elaborate concealment of facts between the 30-year-old's mysterious death.

'What a terrible shame.'

In a statement issued at that time, Carrey believes that the lawsuits are "a terrible shame." He added that it would be easy for him to get in the back room with Burton's lawyer but there are just moments where you have to stand up against the evil in this world.

If there's more to the story, Jim Carrey loves Cathriona, and it shows in his statements. It's just sad to see some people taking advantage of an apparent suicide. In the light of the issue, Carrey said that "he would not tolerate this heartless attempt to exploit Cat or me."

"Cat's troubles were born long before I met her and sadly her tragic death was beyond anyone's control." Rest in peace.