Prince Harry sat down for an interview for Newsweek’s feature and he revealed no one in the Royal Family really wants to be the next King Or Queen.

The 32-year-old boyfriend of actress Meghan Markle said there are disadvantages of being born as a Royal and taking over a monarch is one of the most difficult things that no one really wants to do. This is because they are not modernizing the British monarchy for themselves as they have to do it for the greater good of the people. Although he said no one wants to take over as the King or Queen but they will carry out their duties when the time comes that they need to do so.

Prince Harry also talks about Princess Diana’s death

In the past months, Prince Harry has been more open about how he did not immediately grieve over his mother, Princess Diana. In a previous interview, Prince Harry talked about how he recently just admitted that he had a difficult time getting over the death of Princess Diana and in his Newsweek feature, he described his mom as a person who had the most wonderful sense of humor and someone who always wanted to protect them.

Prince Harry was only 12 when his mother died from a car crash. He pointed out that attending his mother’s funeral with thousands of people watching him both from home and those in the area was something no child should undergo.

He did not address his grief for more than two decades until he was urged by his older brother, Prince William, to get professional help. Talking to other people about his grief helped him a lot.

Prince Harry uses mother’s death to do good

The younger brother of Prince William said he did a lot of mistakes in the past as his unwillingness to address his grief got him into more trouble.

Now that he has gotten his head out of the sand, he loves doing charity-related stuff, meeting people and making them laugh, just like his mother did. He said he appreciates his role in the Royal Family now more than ever.

He also recalled that his mother made him and Prince William experience having an ordinary life as they visited homeless people before.

Prince Harry continued to reveal he does his own shopping. He hopes his children would have the same chance to live normal lives too.

Prince Harry is also interested in fighting AIDS and HIV. He and a member of the Lesotho royal family started an organization called Sentebale. This helps children in the southern African country who are vulnerable to the aforementioned diseases.