Spoiler alerts for "The Bold and the Beautiful" indicate that Sheila Carter and Eric Forrester will have an intimate moment on Monday, June 26. It seems Shelia is going to let her guard down and make a shocking declaration to her former spouse. Will her news warm the heart of the man she used to be married to or will her confession cause him pain?

What is on Sheila's mind?

Sheila says she came back to town a changed woman and desires to make amends to those she hurt in the past. Ridge is suspicious of his former stepmother while Eric desires to leave the past behind them.

On Friday Sheila was sitting near Charlie and Pam as they were eating and overheard their conversation. Charlie was saying how suspicious he is of Ridge and Quinn living in the same house. Pam tries to downplay the situation and assure him it's all in his mind.

When Pam leaves Sheila goes over to Charlie and tries to pump him for information.She tells him she is an old friend of Eric's and wants to make sure his wife is good for him. Charlie does not trust this woman because when he asked her about Pam Sheila had no idea that she was Stephanie's sister. Shelia tells him she has been out of town for a while. She then implores Charlie to tell her if Quinn is a good wife to Eric or not.

Sheila's confession will be an eye opener for Eric

Spoiler alerts do not indicate what the news is that Sheila will relay to Eric. Whatever it is will surely be an eye opener for the Forrester patriarch. If she can trip Charlie up Ms. Carter might gain useful information regarding the Forrester marriage. This would allow her to tell Eric that his wife and his son might betray him.

There is only one other confession that Sheila could possibly make to her ex-husband. This would be to admit that she is still in love with him.

Even if Charlie slipped up and voiced his suspicions regarding Ridge and Quinn it is still only speculation. As of this moment, they have not yet given in to their passion. Shelia would probably wait until she had more concrete evidence before taking this news to her former spouse.

She will, however, keep her eyes on the situation. That leaves a declaration of love as Sheila's big reveal. She may tell Eric that she never stopped loving him and try to gain his affection again.

Charlie and Pam will play a part

Depending on what Charlie might let slip to Eric's ex-wife the plot will thicken on B&B. Sheila and the security guard might even conspire to obtain the evidence. Charlie has expressed to Pam how important it is for them to protect Eric. He may work with Shelia to prove to the woman he loves that his hunch regarding Ridge and Quinn is correct.

Charlie has no idea who Sheila Carter is or how dangerous she can be. Whatever the declaration is from evil Sheila to Eric it is sure to bring fireworks. Eric's present wife Quinn can be just as devious as his ex. The two of them fighting over him will make for a drama filled summer on "The Bold and the Beautiful."