Beyonce and Jay Z reportedly took their twins home after the babies spend a few days in hospital due to complications from being born too early. After the birth of the twins was announced, Twitter users tried to guess what the power couple would name their new babies.

Harper's reports Queen Bey and J Z brought their twins home on Tuesday evening. An insider close to Beyonce said the “Halo” singer is happy and relieved they finally left the hospital and that the twins are doing well per the doctors. The twins were treated for jaundice and had to be placed under the lights after they were born on June 12.

Initially, fans were not sure if Beyonce really gave birth but because she has not update her Instagram for the past two weeks.

However, it was believed she was off social media while she was getting ready to deliver her babies.

Her father, Mathew Knowles, was the one who broke the news on Instagram that his daughter already gave birth. Later, Jay Z was spotted in and out of a Los Angeles hospital further convincing fans that Beyonce already gave birth to the twins.

Beyonce, Jay Z might go for a normal name

Rumors keep on circulating as to what Jay Z and Beyonce will name their twin babies. Many believe the two will come up with weird names, which is the trend in Hollywood now.

Other reports claimed sources said the son of Beyonce and Jay Z will be named Shawn after the rapper’s father while the twin sister will be named Bea. Bea came from the name Beatrice, which means someone who bring happiness.

Twitter in love with possibility the twins’ names are Bea and Shawn

Twitter users congratulated the new parents about naming their twins Shawn and Bea and others called the monikers adorable. Another Twitter user wrote, “Beyoncé really named her twins Shawn & Bea after Jay-Z and herself because she knows they're already untouchable.

Beyoncé can't be beat.”

Other did not approve, however, as they thought the names were too simple as opposed to the first-born of Jay Z and Beyonce, now five-year-old Blue Ivy. Another sarcastically said she felt the names Red Velvet and Purple Rain would have been better. A Beyonce fan also said if the twins were really named Shawn and Bea, she will be disappointed.

One fan said she would be devastated if she was named Shawn and the rest of her family had great names.

The Carters are yet to deny or confirm the reports. Their statements are also still anticipated by their fandom regarding the health condition and photos of Beyonce and the twins.