Spoiler alerts for the Friday, June 20th episode indicate that all eyes will be on Quinn on "The Bold and the Beautiful." Charlie and Pam as well as Wyatt and Ridge all will have conversations, that revolve around Eric Forrester's wife.

Wyatt defends his mother while Ridge shows confidence in Quinn

Wyatt always has a soft spot for Quinn because she is his mother. He has seen the maternal side and how she defends him. She always has his back and he appreciates this. He knows she has a dark side but he takes it in stride, often laughing off some of her most outrageous behavior.

The Spoiler video has Wyatt saying his mother is totally devoted to Eric and will not do anything to mess it up. Wyatt of all people should know better than anyone else what his mother is capable of.

Ridge wants all the drama to be over. He truly does not desire to give in to his feelings for Quinn and believes he can just pretend all is well. A part of Ridge will always love Brooke and as his father's wife, Quinn is forbidden fruit. Ridge is blind to his own history and really does not understand that a day will come when he will not be able to help himself and he will give in to the passion he has for his stepmother.

Ridge is shown in the video telling someone that "She says she will not be a problem for us anymore".

He most likely is talking directly to Quinn in regard to Katie who has been spying on the pair. Katie had sworn to tell Eric if she saw any indication of inappropriate behavior between his wife and son. Deacon shooting at Quinn may cause Katie to back off for a while.

Unknown to Katie there is someone else equally suspicious of Ridge and Quinn,

Eagle eye Charlie is paying attention while Pam seems indifferent

Charlie has been suspicious of Quinn and Ridge for a while and sharing his thoughts with Pam who continues to downplay them. Charlie is an eagle-eyed detective and not much gets by him.

The spoiler alert video shows Charlie talking to someone who is not in range of the camera. It must be Quinn because Charlie tells the person that it must be pretty convenient living in the same house as Ridge. Pam's eyes bulge and her mouth opens as she cannot believe her sweetie just said that.

Quinn continues to have all eyes on her and wth good reason. Now that Ridge has saved her life she is indebted to him. In a previous episode, Brooke stated that this bonded them for life. The powers that be at "The Bold and the Beautiful" are dragging out the inevitable consummation of the relationship between Ridge and his father's wife. Viewers know it is coming and Spoiler alerts will let us know just when.