Just when fans believed they had the current love triangle figured out on "The Bold and the Beautiful" the situation has become complicated. Quinn, Ridge, Eric, and Katie now have two new additions to the mix -- Sheila Carter and Deacon Sharp have returned to town to thicken the plot.

Quinn Fuller is the root of all the evil

Quinn Fuller came to town filled with mischief and mayhem. She was dating Deacon but kicked him to the curb for Liam and later Eric. After Quinn and Eric married she began to have feelings for his son Ridge. The pair never did more than kiss but they were spotted by Katie -- and later Brooke.

Katie is developing feelings for Eric and does not want Quinn to break his heart. She agreed to keep the secret as long as Ridge and Quinn stayed away from each other.

Recently, someone shot at Quinn when she was on the veranda of the Forrester home. The shots came from the direction of Katie's home but a ballistics test cleared her. Katie returned home from the police station to find Sheila Carter standing in her living room. Katie managed to text Eric, who came over and had Shelia arrested. The police are processing Shelia for breaking the restraining order the Forresters had against her.

Meanwhile, Deacon showed up at Quinn's on Thursday and pulled a gun on her. He said, "This time I won't miss," which implies that he is the shooter.

Katie -- who detests Quinn and does not want her anywhere near Ridge -- is looking through her telescope. She sees the gun pointed at Eric's wife and calls Ridge, telling him to hurry over because Quinn is in trouble. The chaos around this woman is unbelievable.

Ridge saves the day

Ridge arrives in the nick of time and punches Deacon -- who falls to the floor.

Quinn runs to Ridges' arms, thanking him over and over for saving her life. Will this situation throw Quinn and Ridge together finally or will it cause her and Eric to strengthen their bond? Is it possible that Eric might begin to fall for Katie, or will he recall his feelings for Sheila, who once was his wife? Maybe Shelia and Deacon, the two villains, will bond -- as she is already in lock up and Deacon is probably on his way,

Viewers must realize that although Deacon said he would not miss "this time," the shooter is still unknown.

Shelia has been locked up because of the restraining order but no ballistics test has been done to incriminate or exonerate her from pulling the trigger. This plot has thickened and the complications between these 6 individuals will make for an adventurous summer on "The Bold and the Beautiful."