Thomas Forrester and Sally Spectra held such promise in the beginning. They were star-crossed lovers whose families had been feuding for decades. They met and fell in love and sparks flew. There was such expectancy of what heat they would generate in the bedroom and the boardroom. Now that these two are officially a couple they are simply boring.

The Spectra team played a part

Sally was different from the polished socially acceptable Forrester family. She was from the wrong side of the tracks and so is the building where she houses Spectra Fashions.

Sally is a complete contrast to Princess Steffy Forrester who is the sister of Thomas. Sally's team of misfits helped her perpetuate the Spectra image. Darla is quirky and a little slow at times. Saul is insecure and hopelessly in love with Sally. Shirley her grandmother is gutsy and pushy. Together they brought fun and laughter to the screen. Now the team seems to have. disappeared.

Since Thomas decided to help run Spectra there has been no sign of Shirley, Darla, and Saul. Viewers were used to them running in and out of the office but now only Thomas and Sally are being shown. They are making out in the main Spectra office as if they do not expect other employees to ever darken the door. Fans of "The Bold and the Beautiful" realize that the lovebirds cannot run the fashion business alone.

Where is the relationship between Thomas and Sally headed?

The B&B writers started out with such promise for this couple but now do not seem to know where to take them. Sally and Thomas cannot simply be half undressed and making out in the hot office where the air conditioner is broken. Initially, it was exciting to see the Forrester heir falling for the girl whose aunt made a living stealing his family's designs.

It was intriguing when Sally's grandma Shirley led her down a similar path.

Watching Darla crushing on Mr. Forrester and Saul longing for his boss to return his feelings was fun. Now Sally's crew is nowhere to be seen and her relationship with Thomas is losing its sizzle. The "Bold and the Beautiful" writers need to quickly come up with a storyline appropriate for all these young actors before it's too late.

Keeping Darla and Saul off the screen and reducing Thomas and Sally to being touchy feely in the office is a waste of all of their talent. There is so much potential here if only it is developed properly. Patrika Darbo who portrays Shirley is a talented actress who also deserves more screen time as well. Her role as the matriarch and the voice of reason(most times) brings a balance to the show.