Over the last six months since Donald Trump has been in office, White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer has struggled to defend the president over a variety of issues. For comedian Bill Maher, he decided to have a little fun with Spicer's troubles on social media.

Maher on Spicer

When it was clear that Donald Trump was going to defeat Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton last November, it was only a matter of time before his administration was going to be put together. While the majority of Trump's cabinet nominations and staff picks came under fire, his hiring of Sean Spicer as White House Press Secretary received little to no push back.

However, while Spicer was initially viewed as someone who would fly under the radar, his time in the position has often ended up in the headlines. Spicer routinely clashes with reporters during the daily press briefings, with the former spokesman for the Republican National Committee getting into near shouting matches at times. Spicer's trouble became some commonplace that he ended up as the butt of a joke on "Saturday Night Live" with actress Melissa McCarthy playing the role. In recent weeks, Spicer has decided to deflect from answering many questions about Trump's stance on issues, sticking with a scripted answer that he hasn't had the chance to speak to the president about a particular topic.

As seen on his Twitter feed on June 25, Bill Maher took at shot at Spicer for avoiding Trump.

Taking to Twitter on Sunday, Bill Maher expanded on his criticism of the Donald Trump administration by mocking Sean Spicer for never having an answer about where the president stands on issues.

"If Trump said 'Obama is hiding under my bed' and they asked Spicer if that's true he'd say 'I don't know I haven't discussed it with him,'" Maher tweeted out. Maher's social media remarks come just days after the comedian ripped into the former host of "The Apprentice" during his latest "Real Time" episode on HBO, where the recent health care bill was highlighted.

Spicer's denial

According to a recent article in the Washington Examiner, Sean Spicer has dodged close to a dozen topics in regards to where Donald Trump stands on issues during the daily press briefings over the last month and a half. From Trump's position on climate change, to the Senate health care bill, his decision to fire James Comey as head of the FBI, and even his ongoing feud with President Obama, it doesn't appear that Spicer and the president are on the same page.