A few months back, a fiery Red Head from the wrong side of the tracks, showed up on "The Bold and the Beautiful. She was Sally Spectra, great niece of the woman who made a living stealing from Forrester Creations. Great Aunt Sally made knock off designs of Forrester originals. Young Sally came to town determined to reopen her aunt's business, an dmake the brand her own. Now, in less than 90 days, Sally is preparing to say goodbye to Spectra, the man she loves and LA.

The review that set it all in motion

Young Sally organized a team, and began designing.

She also met and fell in love with Thomas Forrester. It seemed all her dreams were about to come true, until they turned into a nightmare. Reporter Jarrett Maxwell, wrote a fair review of Sally's designs, but his boss Bill Spencer did not like it. He switched out Jarret's review with one of his own that was brutal. Sally was devastated, and vulnerable, so she listened to bad advise. Her aunt convinced her that Spectra's were knock off artists, and that in order to pay her staff, and the bills, they had to steal from the Forresters.

Sally allowed her aunt to spy on the Forrester family, obtain their original designs, tweak them, and call them Spectra originals. Everything came to light during the fashion show.

Sally was arrested, and told to shut down the company. The Forresters pressed charges, and Sally faced up to 15 years in prison. Thomas Forrester however had a change of heart for the woman he ,loves. He went to the hearing and asked the judge for leniency. He also spoke to his grandfather Eric Forrester, who dropped the charges.

Sally decides to say goodbye to LA

Sally calls Thomas, and thanks him for all he has done for her. She adds that she is shutting down her business, and leaving town. "The Bold and the Beautiful" fans are wondering, if this is really the end. And if viewers are seeing the last of this spunky fiery red head? Will Sally really walk away from the man she loves.

Can Thomas allow her to say a final goodbye and leave town forever? Courtney Hope's portrayal of young Sally has been a breath of fresh air for the B&B canvas. She is such a contrast to the polished uber rich Forrester clan.

If she goes, fans will feel cheated. Thomas and Sally never even had a chance at real romance. Although they have declared their love for one another, they have not had a real date. The couple also have only shared a few kisses. The character of sally has not yet truly been developed. Fans would be pleased to see this merger between Sally and Thomas work out. In both business and pleasure.