On "The Bold and the Beautiful," Thomas Forrester and Sally Spectra have a tumultuous relationship. They have only known each other a few months, and the duo have done nothing more than kiss. Their time together however has been marred by lies, betrayal, corporate espionage and a decades long feud between their families. Even so, it's possible the duo may reunite.

The beginning of this cute couple

The couple met when both were at an outdoor restaurant. Sally was dressed like someone from the wrong side of the tracks, while Thomas was as immaculate as a rich playboy is expected to be.

They bumped into each other and had a brief conversation. Later, Mr. Forrester and Miss Spectra found out, that there was a Hatfield and McCoy type feud between their families. This was an issue that went back for decades.

Sally's great aunt and namesake, the original Sally Spectra made her living by creating knockoff designs of "Forrester Creations" originals. Thomas is the grandson of Eric who is the owner of the house of Forrester. Against warnings from both their families, the couple continued to see each other. They flirted, kissed a few time, and Sally even flew to Australia to be with Thomas as his sister Steffy's wedding.

The Forrester Spectra feud continues

Everything came to a head when Thomas attended the Spectra fashion show and realized Sally had stolen his family's designs.

On Friday Sally showed up at Forrester Creations, admitted what she had done, and was about to be arrested. She could be facing up to 15 years in prison if convicted of corporate espionage. The Forrester family is livid and out for blood. Thomas Forrester's sister and his father want Sally prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

Thomas previously had admitted to Sally that he was in love with her. Now all he is feeling is her betrayal. All, however, is not lost. "The Bold and the Beautiful," spoiler alerts indicate that during the week of May 1st through the 5th that the couple will share a kiss.

Thomas and Sally's future

Thomas And Sally, have more against them than they do that is in their favor.

The one thing they have that is the most important, is true love. This couple did not have a one night stand, they are not friends with benefits. They have gotten to know, and care for each other in spite of their family dynamic. Thomas saw past Sally's inexperience as a designer and her unpolished ways. Sally dealt with him being raised in the lap of luxury, as an heir to the Forrester dynasty. and having a child with spoiled rich girl Caroline Spencer. These two have such potential for a real romance. Fans will no doubt be watching and waiting to see if indeed it is possible for them to one day overcome the issues of being a Spectra and a Forrester and reunite.