There’s a life changing decision the Browns have to make on episode 2 of “Alaskan Bush People” season 7. The new synopsis is out and it reveals that the family will have to make a tough decision regarding their homestead in consideration of Ami’s worsening condition.

Does this mean the Browns will soon move from their beloved Browntown?

Matt heads back to their homestead

In “Alaskan Bush People” season 7 episode 2, Matt is heading back to the Alaskan Bush to check on Noah and their fields. He will reunite with Noah who has been left alone to look after their homestead. The new preview shows Matt updating Noah about Ami’s condition.

Their conversation will turn into another serious matter that may reshape their lifelong journey forever – a decision to close down and move out of Browntown.

What do we know about Ami’s condition so far?

In last week’s episode, “Alaskan Bush People” reveals that Ami has gone through several tests. The doctors have discovered a mass in her lungs which might be cancerous. The following day, she was been scheduled for further examinations at UCLA Medical Center.

While waiting for the results of Ami’s tests, the rest of the family is worried sick but remains hopeful for a positive result. However, their fear for their mother’s life and the risk of leaving their home worsens the situation.

According to TV Insiders, the events chronicled in this season of “Alaskan Bush People” are still unfolding in real time.

Therefore, details of Ami’s condition will continue to unfold in the coming episodes. Additionally, the production crew reveals that they have gained unusual access to the medical facility where real hospital staff and physicians appear on camera during filming.

Noah plans to marry Rhain in Colorado

There have been many fan photos circulating online suggesting that the Browns are currently in Colorado.

Some reports say that Noah and Rhain are planning to get married there and the place will serve as a temporary home for the Browns.

Meanwhile, there’s another rumor claiming that the couple already got married last weekend. This comes after a photo of the two circulated online where Rhain is shown displaying her engagement ring. Although the said picture was posted June 3, many believe that the wedding was planned even before Ami got sick.

On the other hand, the Brown children are receiving hate from fans. They are accused of having too much fun while the family’s matriarch suffers a still unknown sickness.

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