In recent days, Donald Trump and the Republican Party have received a barrage of negative reviews over their health care plan that is currently sitting in the Senate. While the backlash continues to pour in, two high-profiled critics of the president are speaking out.

King and Takei

It didn't take long after Donald Trump announced his campaign for president that he quickly became an enemy of most celebrities out in Hollywood. From the moment the former host of "The Apprentice" labeled illegal immigrants from Mexico as "murderers" and "rapists," criticism was quickly unleashed by many. As the 2016 presidential election moved forward, it became commonplace for Trump to engage in a heated war of words with big names who publicly spoke out against him and his political agenda.

Once Trump was named the GOP nominee, his opposition kicked into high-gear, which was never more evident than when actor Alec Baldwin took on the role of Trump for "Saturday Night Live." While Baldwin received rave reviews, Trump was not pleased and would often spend time lashing out on Twitter. Trump would also single out other actors to fight with, but has since slowed down that portion of his rhetoric since being sworn into office. While Trump might have gone quiet when it comes to celebrities, that hasn't stopped them from hitting back, as was seen during a series of tweets by actor George Takei and author Stephen King on June 28.

Taking to his Twitter account on Wednesday was George Takei, who continued to keep his foot on the gas when it comes to criticizing Donald Trump.

"Losing the confidence of the rest of the world is what happens when Donald abdicates our global leadership role. A sad turn of events," Takei tweeted out in response to the global feeling of Trump's time in office. "This isn't healthcare, it's the biggest con on the lower and middle classes in history," Takei added in reference to the GOP "Trumpcare" bill.

Not stopping there, George Takei then responded to a recent tweet by Donald Trump who accused the Washington Post of being "fake news" and not paying an internet tax.

"The most taxing thing on the Internet, Donald, is you," Takei added.

King speaks

In addition to George Takei, Stephen King decided to chime in and give his thoughts, while not holding back in the process with a short and to the point message. "Do you think the Founding Fathers foresaw a narcissistic liar like Donald Trump?" tweeted with wonder, before adding, "I somehow doubt it."

This isn't the first time that Stephen King has been critical of Donald Trump, as the legendary horror author announced earlier this month that he was actually blocked by the president from viewing his tweets.

Despite not having access to Trump's social media feed, King is showing no signs of backing off his criticism.

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