"Teen Mom OG" star Ryan Edwards shocked fans in this week's finale when he got behind the wheel of a car high on drugs. The Reality TV dad was seen on the show swerving all over the road, slurring his words, and falling asleep multiple times while driving himself and his fiance Mackenzie Standifer to their wedding. Fans were stunned by what they witnessed in the scene, and couldn't believe how deep Ryan's drug issues ran. However, fans may not even know the half of it.

Did Edwards have track marks on his arm during the 'TMOG' finale?

According to Radar Online, during Monday night's "Teen Mom OG" finale, some fans noticed what looked like possible track marks on Ryan's arms.

The marks, which are usually seen when a person uses needles to shoot drugs into their veins, were allegedly spotted on Ryan during the episode. The report reveals that there seem to be "puncture wounds" on the outside of Ryan Edwards' hand and wrist. In another shot of Ryan from the finale, there seems to be another puncture mark on the inside of his arm. Radar Online consulted a doctor (who has not treated Ryan), who revealed that the marks seem to be "consistent with track marks." The doctor added that the "discoloration and scarring" around the marks suggest that they are from "continued chronic" drug use.

After the shocking episode of "Teen Mom OG" aired, Ryan Edwards released a statement revealing that he went to rehab for his drug issues, and that he is back home and doing well.

Ryan thanked his wife Mackenzie Standifer and his parents, Jen and Larry, for their love and support during the difficult time, and also thanked fans who had sent him "well wishes." However, new rumors claim that Ryan's rehab stay didn't go as planned.

Maci Bookout seeking full custody of son Bentley?

As previously reported by Blasting News, rumors are flying that Ryan Edwards did not complete a full 30 days in rehab, but instead left the treatment program after only about two weeks and that he has already relapsed on drugs since returning home.

The rumors also reveal that Maci Bookout is so upset by Ryan's continued drug use that she has allegedly decided to seek full custody of their son, Bentley, and is considering terminating Ryan's parental rights in the process. While these rumors have not been confirmed, fans certainly want to hear from Maci/Ryan and are hopeful that such rumors will be addressed.

In the meantime, they are hoping for the best for Ryan Edwards.

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