The new “Alaskan Bush PeopleSeason 7 previews an earnest discussion between Matt and Snowbird. The family has been plagued by a problem they have never encountered before – Ami’s worsening health condition.

Ami is reportedly suffering from cancer. Although nothing has been confirmed yet, how the family reacts and being affected by the current situation is indicative that something worse is happening within their home.

The cancer talk

The heartbreaking moment shared by Matt and Snowbird will air in the upcoming episode of “Alaskan Bush People.” Snowbird is shown trying to hold back her tears but eventually broke down.

"Nobody wants to say the word cancer,” she cried. Matt nodded and repeated the same phrase.

Nothing has been directly confirmed in Snowbird’s confession. However, what has been shown in the preview is a seeming confirmation that Ami’s health condition is highly at risk. She then recalled how their family is able to overcome other problems that came along their way over the past years.

She sobbed more when she realized how different their situation is now and how hard it is to accept that they cannot do anything to fix it. Trying to find strength from each other in their Browntown home, the two are keeping their emotions intact.

But the struggle is real for Snowbird who could not keep up in her role as Brown family’s main source of strength because the person who fuels her personal strength is actually in a helpless state.

She is then comforted by Matt saying that they are strong people who are there to support one another.

The Brown family's current struggle is summed up by the show's Facebook page: "An unthinkable reality, involving a person you've always thought to be immortal."

Ami’s real state

Yesterday, a Facebook page called ABP Exposed posted an update claiming they have received a confirmation that Ami Brown has stage 4 lung cancer.

The post has earned many sympathizers hoping for the Alaskan Bush People matriarch’s recovery.

Amid words regarding Ami’s health conditions, “Alaskan Bush People” season 7 producers haven’t yet issued a statement to address the rumors. But the upcoming Wednesday episode shows that the family is bringing Ami to the hospital for testing.

In addition, the Brown family is reportedly packing up to leave Los Angeles to move to an unspecified location. According to The Inquisitr, the Brown family is considering leaving their Alaskan home and kick off another chapter of their lives somewhere new.