Is the "Alaskan Bush People" family having too much fun? This is the question many fans are asking after photos of Billy Brown's family enjoying themselves surfaced on the internet. While it is certainly not a crime to be happy, fans are questioning the timing of the Browns' recent sightings. After all, in the show's current season, their mom Ami is terribly sick.

Brown family in Colorado

According to reports, Billy Brown's brood has left Browntown and is now in Colorado. Fans have been posting photos of them on various social media accounts. There are pictures of almost all of Billy's kids in parking lots, hardware stores, and on the streets.

Even Matt Brown, who is still recovering from his head injury, was seen posing for pictures with fans.

There are rumors that they will be staying there for good. As to what they are doing there, fans can only guess for now.

Did Noah and Rhain get married?

"Alaskan Bush People" fans also believe that Noah Brown has married his girlfriend Rhain over the weekend in Colorado. One particular picture clearly shows Rhain proudly displaying her engagement ring while holding a wedding planner book. Noah, 24, met 26-year-old Rhain early this year. Their romance was featured on the last season of "Alaskan Bush People." By the season finale, Rhain told Noah that she had to leave the Bush to go home, and he tried to think of ways to make her stay.

Is the surprise wedding his solution?

How is Ami Brown?

The overly hyped season 7 of "Alaskan Bush People" finally premiered last June 14 on Discovery. Promotional videos of the new season tell fans that this is the Browns' "darkest hour" ever.

The tight-knit family has weathered many challenges before, but none would compare to what they are facing now.

Their 54-year-old mom Ami is said to be seriously ill. Last Wednesday's episode showed the Brown Family at the UCLA Medical Center in California, consulting with doctors about Ami's condition.

It was confirmed that the doctors found nodes in Ami's throat and a mass in her lungs, which they suspect to be cancerous. The episode ended with Ami getting a biopsy.

The results will be revealed on this Wednesday's episode.

According to rumors, Ami Brown has stage four lung cancer and is currently undergoing chemotherapy.

Will there be another season?

When Discovery announced that the show will return for a Season 7, fans thought that this would be the last of reality-docu series. The rushed return was mainly due to recent developments concerning Ami.

However, a film crew was spotted with Billy Brown's family in Colorado. This certainly points to the possibility that the show will be returning for another season. After all, there's been a spike in interest and viewership lately. Last Wednesday's episode put "Alaskan Bush People" to the top of the rating game among cable channels for their timeslot with over 2.6 million viewers tuning in.