England is still in a time of war in “The White Princess” season 1. Real history tends to gloss over the uncertainty Henry VII and Elizabeth of York faced as King and Queen of England. There were rebels everywhere, looking to put a York heir on the throne as king. With Perkin Warbeck in England masquerading as Richard, Duke of York, Henry and Lizzie need foreign support in “The White Queen.”

Henry and Lizzie travel to Spain

King Ferdinand II of Aragon and Queen Isabella I of Castile sit stiffly on their Spanish thrones. They know they hold the power, as Henry and Lizzie lower on bended knee.

It is the moment that many fans of “The White Princess” have been waiting for: the betrothal of Arthur Tudor, Prince of Wales, and Catherine of Aragon.

It clearly won’t be easy for the English monarchs to gain Spanish support. There are pretenders to the English throne, making it clear that Henry’s position is weak. Ferdinand and Isabella need to know that their daughter will be guaranteed that English throne should they agree to a betrothal.

That can’t happen without Spanish support. Henry realizes that he has no international support. While France loosely backs Henry after his win at the Battle of Bosworth, there is now a potential son of Edward IV. Since Henry reversed Richard III’s act to make all Edward IV’s heirs illegitimate (to legitimately place Lizzie as his queen), Richard, Duke of York would have a stronger claim to the throne than Henry.

‘The White Princess’ sees Henry VII in battle

Its taken six episodes to really see battle come to England. By this point in “The White Queen, Edward IV had been through a handful of battles, proving that he is a strong warrior and leader. Now it is time for Henry to prove that to his people. As much as Lizzie would prefer Henry not to fight, she knows that it needs to happen to secure England.

Troubles in Burgundy are spilling into England this week. People aren’t sure who to trust. Surely, if Perkin Warbeck was actually Richard, Duke of York, Lizzie would know. This is her brother after all. Of course, now that she has a son and has fallen for Henry, she will want to keep her position as queen. She needs that to make sure her son inherits the throne of England.

Henry has also ordered the executions of those working against him. This will mean more tension in England, as Henry makes it clear that those who rebel against him will face the same fate.

The White Princess” continues on Sundays on Starz. Tune in for the full adaptation of Philipa Gregory’s novel of the same name, loosely based on the history of Henry VII of England and Elizabeth of York.