Alright, "Lucifer" fans. It looks like we have a pretty emotional and interesting episode 17 of season 2 on our hands, as we'll be seeing Maze question the hell out of Lucifer about a whole bunch of secrets he's been hiding. Elsewhere, Charlotte is going to join in on Chloe and Lucifer's newest investigation to try to find a murderer who might be involved with the Flaming Sword situation, and more. We have the wonderful people at FOX to thank for these spoiler teasers via their latest episode press release.

'Sympathy For The Goddess'

They, of course, also told us what the title of this episode is.

It turns out that "Sympathy for the Goddess" is what the producers settled on. They began this description by making sure to tell us that Charlotte will, indeed, be helping out with the latest case. And they put it in all capital letters, so it seems like that storyline will probably get a fair amount of focus.

They did go on to elaborate that the man who obtained the last piece of the Flaming Sword is going to turn up murdered at some point, and the piece will be gone, implying that whoever killed him got their hands on that sword piece. This will prompt Chloe and Lucifer to launch a full-out manhunt for this killer, and Charlotte is going to waste no time in joining them. Will this trio be able to locate the killer and retrieve that missing sword piece?

Or will he or she continue to elude them? Those are the big questions for this storyline.

He gets sidelined

In this next teaser, they do reveal that the trio will end up losing a member, as they tell us that Lucifer is going to get sidelined for some reason. So, that will most certainly be our big question for this situation.

It sounds like this storyline will give us some interesting scenes.

Linda's career

While Lucifer is sitting out of the investigation, we're going to see Maze get him to help her out with a situation concerning Dr. Linda's career. Apparently, it's in a lot of danger at the moment, and Maze will be trying to save it. Why is it in so much danger?

Will Maze be able to pull off the big rescue? We'll definitely have to wait until this episode airs to find out.

Third degree questioning

Lastly, they tell us that during this rescue attempt, Maze will decide to have a big confrontation with Lucifer by giving him the third degree, questioning all the these secrets he's been hiding from her. Will Lucifer have the right answers to her questions? Or, will he just tick her off even more? Stay tuned.