Lizzie doesn’t want to lose another man that she loves in “The White Princess.” After choosing her son and husband over her mother, she has learned she has more in common with the Lancastrian heir than she initially believed. Now that there is another war on the horizon, she fears she will lose him in the way she did her other love, King Richard III.

The flemish pretender is on his way

“The White Princess” fans knew that this storyline had to happen soon. Early in Henry VII’s reign, he had to face numerous pretenders to the throne. One of the most prominent in history was Perkin Warbeck.

There are some who believe this was the real Plantagenet heir, Richard, Duke of York. “The White Princess” has certainly set up this storyline with the young Richard possibly getting out of England to safety after Richard III lost at the Battle of Bosworth.

This will mean trouble for Lizzie. She will need to choose between her son and husband and her own brother. History tells us that Lizzie never believed Warbeck was her brother, but it is possible that she turned against her brother to secure her son’s position in England.

The problem with this storyline on “The White Princess” is that Lizzie could alienate some of the show’s fans. She will help lead to the downfall and death of her younger brother.

This could push her mother out further and turn her sisters against her. There will need to be some show of conflict in the episode for this storyline to play out effectively.

Lizzie’s sisters strengthen the Tudor line in ‘The White Princess’

While this happens, there are other strategic events taking place: mainly marriages.

The Plantagenet princesses are being married off to strategic members of the Tudor line. This is another attempt to secure Henry’s position as King of England. When looking at history, it’s understandable why this happened. Henry’s position was questionable, considering his family line’s illegitimacy to the throne through both his mother and father.

He married Elizabeth Of York as a way to strengthen his claim; uniting both Houses of York and Lancaster.

However, that wouldn’t have been enough. With Lizzie being made a legitimate daughter of Edward IV again, her sisters have had that happen too. It means they can help to strengthen the Tudor regime through prominent marriages; further uniting the two previously warring houses.

“The White Princess” Season 1 continues on Sundays on Starz. Tune in to follow Philippa Gregory’s tale of Elizabeth of York and Henry VII of England.