“The White Princess” season 1 has already pushed forward with the marriage of Elizabeth of York to Henry VII of England and Elizabeth’s pregnancy. Henry Tudor knows that nobles around him are conspiring against him and the only certain force seems to be Margaret Beaufort. Episode 3, which airs on Sunday, April 30, will force a queen to make a choice between mother and son.

Elizabeth will give birth to a boy

This really isn’t a spoiler. It’s written in history that Elizabeth Of York gives birth to a son, who is called Arthur, as the firstborn between her and Henry.

This is going to happen in “The White Princess” season 1, episode 3. No doubt Henry will be extremely happy to find out that the bride that he didn’t initially want will give birth to his much-needed heir.

However, the birth of a boy comes with a price. Poor Lizzie will now need to make a choice between her son and her mother. Elizabeth Woodville has been a strong force in Lizzie’s life, constantly steering her toward this position as Queen Consort of England. How could she ever turn her back now?

Henry VII heads to Burgundy

The title of this week’s episode of “The White Queen” is “Burgundy,” which is for the country that Henry VII and his men will travel to for the week. Henry needs to make alliances around the world to bring stability to his kingdom.

More importantly, he needs to make alliances with the York stronghold of Burgundy, run by Margaret of York. This is Elizabeth’s paternal aunt, and she isn’t one to step down or aside for a king.

Cecily, Duchess of York, will make it clear to her daughter that she needs to stand for the York crown. Cecily isn’t happy that Lizzie has married into the Lancastrian family and attempted to bond the two houses together.

Elizabeth and Henry bond with each other

It isn’t a happy marriage between husband and wife just yet. That will surprise some, considering history points to the idea that Elizabeth and Henry loved each other. Of course, they eventually had something that resembled love and may have deeply cared for each other, but that wasn’t likely the case at first.

They had an arranged marriage and that brings some feelings of hatred and resentment. Elizabeth and Henry will start to bond during this episode, as the young queen realizes that she has more in common with her husband than initially believed. Could this help sway her to choose her son over her mother?

The White Princess” is based on the book by Phillipa Gregory. It is a loose interpretation of the history of Elizabeth of York and continues on Sundays on Starz.