On Tuesday's "General Hospital," there was neither hide nor hair of Tracy Quartermaine. There are only 2 episodes left before Jane Elliot's final scenes. This leaves no time for a hot, front burner story line as was promised. The rumor mills and spoiler alerts have all been wrong thus far regarding how Tracy will exit Port Charles. This has been both disappointing and frustrating for loyal fans.

The rumors were wrong

Spoiler alerts indicated that Tracy and Laura Spencer would have a big time Thelma and Louise adventure in Turkey. Anthony Geary was supposed to return and portray Luke Spencer, and be the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

Laura and Tracy did spend a few days out of the country. Their time in Turkey, however, was not adventurous, it was actually rather boring. They talked to some monks, picked up a painting, and returned to Port Charles. The women left foreign soil without Luke in tow, and brought home a portrait of a woman that resembles Tracy.

Later, a young Turkish woman named Samira showed up on the doorstep of the Quartermaine Mansion. Tracy thought she might be a lovechild her father sired, but on Monday, it was revealed that Samira was a con hired by Tracy's ex, Lord Larry Ashton. Last Friday, "General Hospital" dedicated the majority of the show to Tracy and her family. While son Ned was trying to find out the truth about Samira, Tracy hit her head in the Quartermaine Crypt, and dreamt that she died and was being judged.

It was nice to go down memory lane in Port Charles past, but this was not the exciting story line that was hinted at, or the one that fans were expecting.

The final countdown and the end of Tracy

The latest rumor is that both Stuart Damon and Anthony Geary are going to return. Stuart portrayed Tracy's brother, and Monica's husband, Alan Quartermaine.

He was fired from the show and the character was killed off in 2007. He returned a few times as a ghost, to haunt Tracy. If he is slated to return, there is only Wednesday and Thursday, and he would have to be in spirit form. Luke returning at this point will not be as exciting as it would have been, had he taken this final journey with his Spanky buns during the past few weeks.

Had the Celeb Dirty Laundry spoiler alerts and rumors not given the viewers such a build up, they would not have to be feeling such a letdown, with only 2 days to go. No matter what takes place on Wednesday and Thursday, it will not be what had been promised when Jane Elliot takes her final bow as Ms. Quartermaine. Viewers believed there would be several weeks of excitement, espionage, romance, and classic Tracy. Loyal fans will watch each day because they love and respect both Ms. Elliot and her alter ego. No thanks, however, to the writers and the rumor mills.