On today's episode of "The Bold and the Beautiful," Jarrett Maxwell is a man in torment. He has been carrying a secret for weeks that has been weighing heavily on him. In order to keep his job with "Spencer Publications," Maxwell allowed his boss, Dollar Bill Spencer to make a move, that wrecked someone's business and their personal life. Jared found a possible ally in Bill's son Liam. And all that is wrong may possibly be set right again.

Dollar Bill in action

Dollar Bill Spencer forced Jarrett to write a scathing review of the Spectra Fashion show. Jarrett attended the event, and wrote from his heart.

He told Bill that he believed young Sally Spectra had promise.Spencer did not want to hear it, he wanted the company to fail, so Sally could not pay her rent. This way he could purchase the Spectra building, raze it, and build a sky scraper. When Jarrett hesitated to ruin Sally's life Bill wrote the review himself. It was brutal, and when Sally read it, her world changed forever.

Young Ms. Spectra allowed her grandmother Shirley, to convince her to steal designs from Forrester Creations. Shirley emphasized daily that Spectra was a knock off company and stealing and tweaking Forrester fashions was the Spectra way.

Sally conceded and, on the night of her fashion show, Jarrett Maxwell realized Sally had used fashions created by the Forresters.

She was arrested and faced up to 15 years in prison but the Forrester clan dropped charges. She will, however, have to cease doing business. This means she will not be able to pay her rent, and Dollar Bill will end up with the building.

Jarrett's tangled web

After discussing all this with Bill on Monday's show, Jarrett is even more conflicted.

C.J.the son of the original Sally Forrester shows up and confirms to Bill that the building is practically his. Spencer's son Wyatt is on board with his father's decision.

His other son Liam shows up, and realizes something fishy is going on. Bill, confident that all is going his way, leaves the office. Liam questions Wyatt and C.J, and gets becomes more curious.

When only Liam and Jarrett are left in the office, Liam seeks answers. Jarrett, is relieved to unburden himself, and bares his soul. He tells Liam the entire sodrid tale, and Liam is amazed.

Should he Turn The Tables on his father? It's possible all the wrong, can be set right. Perhaps Dollar Bill's first born can find a way to help Sally and teach his father a lesson without Jarrett Maxwell having to forfeit his job.