"The Bold and the Beautiful's" Brooke Logan must be the most indecisive woman ever. She lives her life caught up in love triangles on a regular basis. For the past year she has been unable to truly commit to either Ridge Forrester or Bill Spencer. Each man is constantly trying to prove to this woman that he is better than his rival. Whenever Ms. Logan is with one of them, the other is always on hand trying to change her mind. On Friday Brooke was yet again torn between these two lovers.

Brooke is always torn between two lovers

Brooke has been married previously to both men, so has her sister Katy.

Not long ago Ridge and Brooke began an affair while he was still wed to her sibling. Katy divorced her spouse and he made plans to marry Brooke. The two made it to the altar, where Dollar Bill called things off. He was furious that just before the nuptials, Brook had been upstairs talking to the dress maker. Mr. Spencer was livid that his bride to be did not immediately throw Ridge Forrester out. Brooke had just stood there, on her wedding day, allowing another man to make moves on her.

By the time Dollar Bill decided that he should have married Brooke, she was already with Ridge, again. Mr. Forrester and son R.J. had worn Brooke down. Ridge reminded her constantly of their history together, and continued calling her his "Logan," while R.J.

kept telling his mother that she should re-marry his dad and unite the family once more. As soon as Brooke said yes, Dollar Bill began showing up, doing the same thing that Ridge had done to him.

The entire time Ridge and Brooke have been engaged, Bill Spencer has been hovering. He would show up at Brooke's house, and tell her that the dress maker was going to disappoint her.

He reminded Brooke of Ridge's history of infidelity, and insisted it would happen once more. And yet again, Brooke just stood there, allowing one man to make declarations of love to her, while she was engaged to another.

The decision is made yet again

A few weeks ago, Ridge and Brooke were to be married in Australia. The day before the wedding, Ms.

Logan was walking toward the beach, when she saw her fiance kissing his father's wife. Brooke called off the wedding, and now is wearing an engagement ring from Bill Spencer. Fans of "The Bold and the Beautiful" were not surprised when the dress maker began showing up, trying to get his Logan to change her mind. Once more Brooke Logan just sat there, instead of putting Ridge in his place.

On Thursday, a very arrogant Dollar Bill walked into Brooke's kitchen, laughing when he saw Ridge Forrester sitting there. Bill gloated that he did not know why Brooke called off her wedding to Ridge, but he would find out. On Friday Ridge sat down with Brooke as she was eating at an outdoor restaurant. Once more he pleaded his case, and yet again, Bill Spencer showed up to rub salt in the wound by bragging that he knew the dress maker would break Brooke's heart. Viewers will have to stay tuned to "The Bold and the Beautiful" to see how it all plays out.