C.J. Garrison is on the scene once more on "The Bold and the Beautiful." The son of Sally Spectra and Clark Garrison finds himself between a rock and a hard place. He is torn between making big money and family loyalty. Clark Junior has a serious decision to make, one that will impact many people. It's not certain yet which way he is leaning, but he will have to make a decision very soon.

C.J.'s dilemma

C.J. owns the building where his mother housed her knock-off fashions. His cousin Sally came to town, and decided to resurrect Spectra Fashions by creating her own designs.

Sally has been having trouble paying her bills, and needs C.J. to give her extra time. On the other side of town Dollar Bill Spencer has his eyes on the prize. He wants to purchase the Spectra building so he can tear it down and replace it with a sky scraper.

On Thursday, C.J. went to Bill Spencer's office and explained that his contract with his cousin allows her the right pay off the loan within a specified amount of time. Sally's cousin is torn between wanting her to succeed, and making money. Bill Spencer is dangling a lot of money in C.J.'s face. and young Clark is tempted to take the deal.

The Spectra building

The building that Bill Spencer wants to raze is the one that was used by the original Sally Spectra.

Ever since she left town, it has been sitting. No mention has been made of what C.J. has been doing all these year, but he has been showing up to tell his cousin that time is running out for her to pay her bill. Across town Bill Spencer is waiting to hear that he can start the wrecking ball.

Later in the garden restaurant Zende Forrester chats with C.J.

who laments that Spectra needs a great designer to pull them out of their hole. Zende had just been rejected by Thomas and Steffy, who said his designs were not yet ready. On Friday, Jared Maxwell, who works for Spencer Publication, once again told his boss, Dollar Bill, that he believes Sally has potential as a designer if given a chance.

At the same time, Thomas Forrester was telling the judge hearing Sally's case the same thing. So it looks like Ms. Spectra may get a reprieve from her jail sentence, and possibly some help keeping the doors open without knowing where Mr. Garrison's heart really lies.

There are several situations that may play out regarding C.J. and Sally. Bill Spencer could win, and raze the building. Sally and her crew could remain shut down, and that's the end of it. Zende and/or Thomas might defect from Forrester because both feel that they are not truly valued. They could get Spectra up and running, making it a true competitor for their family business. Either way, Clark Jr. gets paid. "The Bold and the Beautiful," would do well to keep Mick Cain on the canvas. There is so much he can bring to the show if he's given the screen time.