On Wednesday's episode of "The Bold and the Beautiful," things were headed in a downward spiral for the Spectra clan. Sally had been arrested for grand larceny and corporate espionage, because she admitted to making knock-offs of Forrester Creations designs. Saul paid her bail and she was released. When she returned to the office, Sally announced to her staff that "Spectra Fashions" must shut it's doors forever.

Sally resigns herself to possible 15 years in prison

Young Sally Spectra is a fighter, and full of spunk. She was determined to resurrect her Aunt and namesake's fashion house at any cost.

She did not count on falling for the dashing Thomas Forrester. When talking to him just before being handcuffed, Sally told Thomas that nothing was worth the look on his face when he realized she had stolen his family's designs. This very bold and beautiful young woman is resigning herself to possibly 15 years in prison. She is willing to cut her losses and leave her sister, grandmother and staff with no visible source of income, all because she broke the heart of the man who declared his love for her. This red-headed spitfire, with the take-no-prisoners attitude, gave in to her emotions.

Things may turn around for the Spectras in time

The Spectra family has only been resurrected on "The Bold and the Beautiful" and back in town for a few months.

It does not seem logical that they would be written out and removed from the canvas so soon. This often happens with characters that don't fit or that the audience does not warm up to. Sally and her band of misfits are growing on the viewing audience. Fans are hoping she will get a reprieve and that something will work out where the budding designer does not have to give up her business or her man.

If "Spectra Fashions" folds, that would make it too easy for Dollar Bill Spencer to purchase the building. He is waiting for the opportunity to own it so he can tear it down to build a skyscraper. Many who watch B&B are hoping for Thomas and Sally to have a chance at real love. They have he makings of a super couple, something that has been missing from daytime for a while.

It would also be nice if the Spectras did not have to shut down their business. Perhaps Thomas will help Sally financially and help her improve her fashions. Jared Maxwell might convince Dollar Bill that he can make more money investing in the house of Spectra than by converting the building into a skyscraper. Bill Spencer may have decided to stick it to "The dress maker" by helping the Spectras give the Forresters some real competition. Sally is down, but viewers should not count her out. The doors are slated to close for good, but as of now they are still open.