Tracking and scanning systems are still very useful options for users of "Pokémon GO." That said, Niantic has recently banned players for using tools to locate and capture the Pokémon of their choice. Capturing certain pocket monsters has also become increasingly difficult in recent months. It's no secret that the vast majority of users are divided when it comes to using such methods to track and capture creatures. Niantic strongly targets crawl sites as well, cracking down on the methods that some users have implemented to get ahead in the game.

According to the terms of service, things like IV calculating websites and apps, trackers/scanners/maps, and spoofing/boot programs are all a violation. Niantic has every right to shut down those sites and apps. People tend to demonize the players that spoof because they break the rules, but gloss over or justify the use of other tools simply because it's not the same thing.

Taking gym spots from legitimate players

People demonize the spoofers because they actively take gym spots from legitimate players. It's much easier to say a tracker doesn't hurt anyone, because it's not getting players to distant gyms, merely helping users catch the Pokémon they want. It's not fair that certain players can suddenly stop what they're doing and drive across town to catch Blissey while everyone playing legitimately is stuck hatching extremely rare eggs and "buddy" walking.

Rural areas with very few Pokestops

Honestly, living in a rural area with only one Pokéstop, I feel like they should allow trackers, or even make their own. Despite there being only 4 major spawn points in my village, rare things do spawn here rather frequently. Before, seeing which Pokémon were at each spawn point was no problem, thanks to the Sightings system.

If Niantic does not at least introduce a system of their own soon, while still banning users that accomplish tracking through other means, it's possible that some users may be driven to quit the game.

Do you think trackers violate Niantic's rules?