"Teen Mom OG" star Amber Portwood has reportedly dumped her on-again, off-again fiance Matt Baier. The MTV star may have actually had enough when it comes to Matt's behavior and lies. According to Radar Online, Baier allegedly bailed on the upcoming "TMOG" reunion, where he likely would have been grilled by Dr. Drew Pinsky about his recent comments and the rumors surrounding him in the media.

Despite Amber sticking by Matt's side through rumors of abuse and secret children, a tweet from Portwood this week may mean that she's through with Baier for good.

“Ready to move forward and be the woman I’ve always strived to be with no one holding me back!” she wrote. “New beginning starts now.”

Amber and Matt split again

Sources claim that Matt could "change his mind" about showing up to this weekend's "Teen Mom OG" reunion, but as of now he says he's not going to attend the event. Insiders also revealed that Amber Portwood and Matt Baier are officially broken up again, but that the Reality TV mom is having a hard time kicking him out of her home. "She knows he has nowhere to go if she kicks him out," the insider dished. However, Matt has close friends as viewers have seen, not to mention he's a grown man in his mid-40s. He should be able to figure out a place to stay if he's no longer with Amber.

Two break-ups in one month

Amber Portwood and Matt Baier's most recent split marks the couple's second break up this month. The "Teen Mom OG" stars previously split earlier this month after Matt allegedly failed a lie detector test pertaining to rumors that he had cheated on Amber. Previously, Matt had lied about the number of children that he fathered.

In the past, Baier told Portwood that he had two children, but in reality he has fathered at least nine children with various women. Matt has had five women sue him for unpaid child support. However, the cases were eventually dropped. Baier had also reporteldy told Portwood that he had never watched "Teen Mom" before dating her, but in reality he had tweeted multiple stars of the show, including Farrah Abraham, asking her out on a date.

Sex tape controversy

Most recently, Amber Portwood and Matt Baier were approached by adult entertainment company Vivid Entertainment about releasing a sex tape together. The "Teen Mom OG" star admitted that she was considering the offer as a smart business move, but hadn't made up her mind about whether or not to turn it down. It looks like fans will have to stay tuned for the latest on Amber and Matt's rocky relationship.