"Teen Mom OG" star Maci Bookout opened up about the situation with her ex-boyfriend, Ryan Edwards, during this week's all-new episode. Maci, who shares her 8-year-old son Bentley with Ryan, told her co-stars Amber Portwood and Catelynn Lowell-Baltierra that she is living in fear that Ryan will do something to harm himself and that Bentley's father will be taken from him forever. Bookout shared her fears with her friends and cast members, minus Farrah Abraham, and they offered her a tremendous amount of support.

Bookout finally opens up about her baby daddy's serious issues

Maci Bookout told her friends that she just wants to see Ryan love himself, because "he is a person worth loving." Bookout also claims that Ryan Edwards' friends and family are in denial over his issues and that she is "sick of cleaning up his mess."

The "Teen Mom OG" star says that she is the "only one that sees everything and cares." Amber Portwood, a recovering drug addict, says she sees all the signs in Ryan. "Where he's at right now, when I see him, I know where he's at, and I'm like, 'Wow, he needs some guidance,'" Amber told Maci.

After the emotional conversation, Maci and her husband Taylor McKinney, walked down the beach as she told him that she was thankful she had Catelynn Lowell and Amber Portwood to talk to about Ryan's issues.

"They were genuinely just there for me," she said.

Maci wants to get Ryan into rehab

When Taylor asked Maci what she planned to do, the "Teen Mom OG" star said that she was going to tell Ryan straight up that he needs to check into rehab to get his life together. Bookout revealed that she believes Ryan would go to rehab and seek treatment, but "everyone else around him" is too afraid to admit he has a problem and that he needs some professional help.

"Right now is legitimately about saving his life," Bookout stated, thanking her husband for always being there for her, and listening to her as she cries herself to sleep at night over the fear of Bentley losing his father.

The fans have noticed a change in Edwards

As many "Teen Mom OG" viewers know, Ryan Edwards' drug rumors have been flying for over a year.

They first started when Ryan appeared on the show looking like he was high, and they haven't stopped. The reality TV dad had denied the rumors, but fans have consistently claimed that Maci Bookout's ex-boyfriend seems to be on something nearly every time he's seen on the show, and are hoping that Maci's support will urge him to seek treatment, if not for himself then for his son, Bentley.