According to the New York Post, a source familiar with the situation at CBS says that noted journalist Scott Pelley will be leaving his post as the anchor of the "CBS Evening News." Pelley wants to make a full-time return to the network's renowned news show program "60 minutes". This has left the network scrambling to find a replacement, as this news was unexpected since Pelley had seemed to reaffirm his intent on staying in recent months. Neither CBS News nor Pelley have commented on the situation.

What is happening with Scott Pelley?

The source reported that Scott Pelley had his office packed in full view of staffers at CBS, while he is out currently out covering an assignment for "60 Minutes." However, Pelley is fully expected to return to his anchor chair for the "CBS Evening News" before officially ending his tenure there.

His contract was presumed to be up for renewal this year, but CBS News executive editor Steve Capus praised Pelley as being a key component of the network at both his positions.

Scott Pelley joined CBS News back in 1989 and has worked with "60 Minutes" since 2004. Pelley took over the anchor role for the "CBS Evening News" back in 2011 for Katie Couric in what was viewed as a return to a more traditional broadcast format. During his time as anchor, the show has seen an uptick in viewership but has still regularly lagged behind NBC's "Nightly News" and ABC's "World News Tonight." In his time as anchor, the veteran and award-winning reporter has earned a reputation for delivering witty and accurate news.

A possible replacement for him

The sudden departure of Scott Pelley has got CBS off guard and without a planned successor. Historically, CBS, ABC, and NBC have set up their evening news shows show that the anchor spot goes from aging veteran to experienced successor. One possible choice as an already experienced anchor of the "CBS Evening News" would be veteran CBS News staffer Anthony Mason.

Mason currently serves as the weekend anchor of "CBS This Morning" and has also served in many other roles for CBS. Mason also has experience as anchor of the show, as he is one of the people who has often filled in the anchor role when Pelley has been away on assignment. He is already taking over the role during Pelley's current assignment for "60 Minutes." Mason is reportedly going to be the one to fill in for Pelley on an interim basis during the summer after he officially leaves.