Jeremiah Raber has been in trouble for a very long time. His troubles started long before TLC watchers were introduced to him on their hit reality television shows, “Breaking Amish” and TLC's current hit “Return to Amish.” Fans of the two TLC reality shows have often wondered what makes Jeremiah the way he is.

After his most recent arrest for domestic violence against his current wife, Carmela Raber, many people want to know why he is violent with the women in his life. His first wife, Naomi Stutzman may be able to shed some light on what makes her ex-husband tick.

Six years of marriage and three children later

According to 2paragraphs, Naomi Stutzman and Jeremiah Raber were married for six years, from 2005 until 2011. The former couple has three children together. Although the exact reason(s) for their divorce is unknown, it is widely believed one of the major factors was Jeremiah's abuse of his previous wife. Like his current wife, Carmela Raber, Naomi also had Jeremiah arrested for domestic violence.

Jeremiah Raber was convicted of domestic abuse against his first wife. She has also issued an order of protection against him. Naomi Stutzman lived in a domestic violence safe house because of the abuse she endured.

Naomi Stutzman's few words speak volumes

Despite the fact, Jeremiah Raber has made his personal life quite public on both “Breaking Amish” and “Return To Amish,” Naomi Stutzman has little to say about her marriage to Jeremiah.

What few things his ex-wife has said about him are revealing.

Naomi has stated in the past Jeremiah Raber was never shunned by his Amish community. Many fans of the Amish reality series have wondered if Jeremiah being ignored by his family and his community could have led to his poor treatment and violence against women. Seeing Jeremiah was never shunned, this can not be the cause.

Naomi Stutzman also explained Jeremiah Raber was spoiled rotten by his Amish parents. Seeing he was spoiled, is it possible not getting his way with the women in his life has caused him to become violent with them? Or, is it possible the doting Jeremiah's parents did was to hide the fact he was abused as a child? At the time of publication, there are no answers to these questions.

Naomi Stutzman believes the Amish television franchise isn't real

Jeremiah Raber's former wife has made appearances on “Return to Amish” in the past. Despite this, she will not be returning. Naomi Stutzman has been quite vocal about how both “Breaking Amish” and “Return to Amish” are fake.

At the time of publication, it was unknown if Naomi Stutzman would allow her three children with Jeremiah Raber to appear on future episodes of “Return to Amish.” Like their mother, Jeremiah's three children have appeared on the TLC hit reality television show. Fans will have to stay tuned to see if the three children will be on future episodes of “Return to Amish.”

Let us know what you think. Can Naomi Stutzman provide more clues to why Jeremiah Raber is violent with women?

Could his strict Amish life have led to his violent tendencies?

If he was abused by his Amish parents who appeared to spoil him, could this be a reason (or excuse) for his treatment of women? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below.