A man with a knife was shot at the Miami International Airport. The police were forced to shoot him after he confronted a police officer. According to a Thursday, September 7th report by Jessica Schladebeck of the New York Daily News, Terminal J, where the man with the knife was shot, was evacuated.

The name of the man who was shot is yet to be released. He was taken to the trauma center at Jackson Memorial Hospital. At the time of publication, the condition of the unnamed man had not been released.

It is believed the man with the knife was trying to get to the roof of the airport.

Witness at Miami International Airport said the man with the knife appeared to be under the influence of alcohol. The eyewitnesses said he was behaving “erratically.”

Hurricane Irma causing chaos at the Miami International Airport

The Miami International Airport was chaotic enough without the added drama of a knife-wielding man. Thousands of people are attempting to leave the Miami area before Hurricane Irma hits Florida. Terminal J will remain closed temporarily because of the incident, only making the situation at the airport even worse.

A spokesperson for the Miami-Dade Aviation Department shared additional information about the situation. Marc Henderson, the spokesperson, said there had been 114 flight cancellations on Thursday.

There had only been 53 flights leave Miami International Airport and 61 arrivals. At the time of publication, it was unknown how the number of flights coming into the airport and leaving the airport were different from those under normal conditions.

Is the governor of Florida over-reacting to Hurricane Irma?

Rick Scott, the Governor Of Florida, is urging Florida residents to evacuate.

He also declared mandatory evacuations for Broward County and Miami-Dade Counties. The Florida Keys are also under mandatory evacuation orders as well.

Governor Scott called Hurricane Irma a “catastrophic storm” that has already “killed a lot of people” in the Caribbean. Scott went on to say people in Florida should not think they could “ride out this storm.”

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Was the man with the knife trying to get to safety on the roof of the Miami International Airport? Do you think the panic felt by many Florida residents is warranted? Will Hurricane Irma be as bad as predicted? Is it possible for people to ride out such a hurricane? Share your thoughts and feelings in the comment section below.