Jesse Williams, one of the many stars on “Grey's Anatomy,” appears to be trying to keep things civil with his soon-to-be ex-wife, Aryn Drakelee-Williams. Because of this, he is not asking for full custody of their two toddlers. The children are ages three and one.

Instead of seeking full custody, Jesse Williams is asking for both joint physical and joint legal custody of their two children. This is according to court documents regarding the couple's divorce.

No prenup for the Williams'

According to the same court documents, Jesse Williams does not want Aryn Drakelee-Williams to receive any spousal support.

He has requested the courts deny his soon-to-be ex-wife any form of spousal support from him. Usually, when spousal support is asked to be denied, it means the couple had signed a pre- nuptial agreement. Sources were told Jesse Williams, and Aryn Drakelee-Williams do not have such an agreement.

"I'm surprised [Jesse Williams] didn't make his wife sign a prenup," Abby Olson, a fan of "Grey's Anatomy," said in a recent interview. "I thought everyone in Hollywood knew to have a prenup. If they don't, it will bite them later."

The couple was married in 2012. During their five-year marriage, the two had two children. At the time of publication, it was unknown which one of the couple had filed for the divorce, which happened earlier this month.

In addition to his role on “Grey's Anatomy,” Jesse Williams is known for his role Lee Daniels' “The Butler” in 2013 and “The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2” in 2008. He also appeared in “The Cabin in the Woods” in 2012.

"I remember him in 'The Butler,'" Olson continued. "It was a bit part, but I recognized him immediately.

I think he is terribly good looking; love those unusual eyes."

From teaching in public school to Hollywood

In addition to his acting career, Jesse Williams is a former model. He is also known as an activist for civil rights at the forefront of activism. Before becoming famous in “Grey's Anatomy,” Jesse Williams was a public school teacher.

He earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from Temple University. Temple University is located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He attended Moses Brown High School in Rhode Island.

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