Joy-Anna Duggar-Forsyth may have married into a dangerous family. Her brother-in-law, Brandon Forsyth, has been accused and arrested for making bomb threats. According to a Thursday, September 7th report by Teresa Roca with Radar Online, he “willfully” made bomb threats.

Brandon Forsyth allegedly called the Health South Rehabilitation Hospital and threatened both the staff and patients there. Court documents from Bowie County, Texas stated Forsyth made a bomb threat that sounded “reasonable.” All of this happened in late May 2017.

The government is wanting Forsyth to have a psychiatric evaluation.

According to the previously mentioned report by Radar Online, Forsyth was suicidal when he was arrested. At the time of publication, it was unknown if he was suicidal prior to his arrest for making bomb threats.

Did Joy-Anna Duggar marry into a troubled family?

This isn't the first time Brandon Forsyth has been trouble with the authorities. He was also arrested for purchasing a stolen weapon. According to the previously mentioned report by Radar Online, this happened in June 2010.

Brandon Forsyth is Joy-Anna's husband's older half-brother. He and Austin have different mothers, seeing their father had been married before Austin was born. At the time of publication, it was unknown how long Brandon's parents were married before they divorced.

Did Jim Bob Duggar miss a lot of red flags?

There appears to be several reasons Austin Forsyth might not be a good match for a Duggar daughter. Not only does Joy-Anna's brother-in-law have a history of arrests, Austin comes from a family of divorce. Divorce is strictly forbidden by the Duggar Family.

According to the previously mentioned report by Radar Online, Austin was reported to be a “rebel child.” Anna, who is still married to child molester Josh Duggar, stated she was “disappointed in [Austin's] character.” The Radar Online report goes on to say the Duggar family doesn't really like Joy-Anna's husband.

Adding to all of this, there is a rumor Joy-Anna and Austin were expecting a baby before they were married. Their wedding date was moved up several months, from October to May of this year. And, photos posted to social media show a baby bump that appears larger than it should be, seeing they have only been married since May.

Let us know what you think. Did Jim Bob Duggar let his daughter marry into the wrong family? Do the rules about courtship and marriage the Duggars force on their children cause unnecessary problems? Share your thoughts and feelings in the comment section below.