The fifth episode of "Prison Break" season 5 titled "Contingency" revealed how Michael was still alive. It can be recalled in the last episode of the previous season, and the character was legitimately dead. However, when the current season premiered, the character was seen alive. The raging question right now running in the minds of the series' fans can be summed up as, how did he cheat death and how is he still alive?

Episode 5 review

In the fifth episode, the story of how Michael is still alive was explored, and the majority of the viewers took the story gladly.

The series moved on after the greatest reveal that Jacob, Sara's husband, just might be the dark puppet-master Poseidon. The episode ended with the usual "Prison Break" formula, with Michael and Linc's plan vaporize and they are back to the start once again.

Season 5 Episode 6

More drama will be seen in the sixth episode of "Prison Break" season 5 titled "Phaecia." Fans will see Michael and Lincoln, and the rest of the team was running away and going into the dessert. As revealed, Cyclops is mad as the Americans were able to hit him and ran away. Thus a possible revenge from his end is expected. In the sixth episode, the team will make a new escape plan.

As expected, the episode will be a chase in the desert with the characters running away and Cyclops running after them.

With the reward money on the fugitives' head, it will be interesting to see how Cyclops will do his best in order to catch them and get the reward.

The upcoming episode will also reveal Van Gogh and A&W to start questioning about their respective roles in their pursuit. The pair will be seen ending up in Graceland. This will raise more questions like, what the pair will do in Graceland and was their coming in the place is on purpose?

Meanwhile, fans will also see the fugitives getting on two vehicles. The action-packed chase in the dessert is already expected. Michael will also be shown checking the nearby places using binoculars. The chase will become more intense as Cyclops was shown already knowing the fugitives' location.

Another interesting part of the upcoming episode that is worth noting is the release of Poseidon's two associates.

It was revealed in the promo that these pair is already tracking down Michael. Also, the pair already heard the news of their subject escaping from Ogygia prison. In the promo, it was revealed that the couple will send out a drone and will use a missile to hit on the fugitives' location.

"Prison Break" season 5 episode 6 will air at 8 PM Eastern time on May 9. It will be available on FOX.