The ball for 'Pretty Little Liars" season 7 already rolling and the intensity of the plot twists have been making the girls of Rosewood fear for their lives and reputation even more. The latest aired episode, "Power Play," highlighted Aria's predicament as she had to make a crucial decision between cruel options laid out by A.

If Aria decides to go against A, her marriage with Ezra, and her life, in general, will be ruined by the faceless antagonist. Meanwhile, conflicts concerning Emily and Alison have also been building up, and these two characters are about to get a highlight of their own possibly in the upcoming episodes.

"Pretty Little Liars" season 7 spoilers reveal that Emily and Alison are on the verge of getting into a complicated fight concerning their relationship. Meanwhile, Spencer seems to be out of the group in the early part of the season, as she tries to hunt down Mary Drake. Hannah, similar to Spencer, is also generally on her own as she uncovers a shocking truth about an old friend.

Is Charlotte DiLaurentis still alive and working as A?

In the earlier seasons of "PLL," Alison seemed to have a hidden card among the girls that made her less bullied and less targeted by A. All the puzzle pieces fell into place when Charlotte DiLaurentis was revealed to be A. Being Alison's brother-turned-sister, A made sure that the younger DiLaurentis daughter wouldn't be harmed.

However, since Charlotte is out of the picture and presumed dead as per season 6, the burning question remains - who is working on A's identity in the season finale? Was Charlotte not dead after all? If someone other than Charlotte is taking over A's identity, then Alison and the rest of the girls are in much deeper trouble.

Alison, Emily's baby in danger

When the teaser for "Pretty Little Liars" season 7 aired and showed Alison as pregnant, a lot of fans guessed that she might be carrying Emily's baby. This was because there was an episode where Emily had her eggs saved and the fans were quick to fit the pieces together that Alison might have been inseminated with the said eggs.

Of course, these were all presumed to be A's doings once again.

Up until now, the said motive of A to impregnate Alison with Emily's baby remains to be revealed. However, "PLL" season 7 spoilers reveal that the upcoming episodes will unveil the reason. Fans are worried that Alison's life won't be the only life in danger since A could take the unborn baby as a hostage to manipulate her and Emily.