Alright, "Pretty Little Liars" peeps. It's about to be on and poppin in this new episode 14 of season 7 we've got coming as A.D. will raising the stakes! We have the nice Freeform folks to thank for all these storyline,spoiler reveals they let loose for this episode. We've got quite a few to go over. It turns out that Ali will be in quite a few scenes. In one of them, she'll be getting some disturbing realizations about her pregnancy. A huge choice is going to get made by Paige at some point. We're going to see some more Aria and Ezra drama take place.

Someone is going to have a very shocking secret, and more!

"Power Play"

They gave the title of this episode some power by calling it: "Power Play." In a brief teaser description, they revealed that A.D. will still be in full effect in this one, raising the stakes in very creatives way as all the liar chicks will end up, feeling the sting in different types of ways!

In the main, full plotline, they let us know that Ali is going to be forced to have to make a personal choice that's extremely important, and it's all due to the turn that she made at the game. If that weren't enough, A.D. is going to make this crazy choice even more problematic by triggering Ali to recall a trauma that she had long forgotten about.

What will be this crazy trauma that had been suppressed all this time? And what huge choice is she going to have to make? Those are the burning questions for this scenario.

Long overdue conversation

Next, we're told that Spencer will be in quite the action, as she'll get involved in another big, confrontational scene. This time, it's going to be with her father.

They said, the conversation will be long overdue, and will be about the sins of his past and where has he been hanging out recently. Will he end up, answering these questions for Spencer? Or will he piss her off even more by staying tight-lipped? We're going to have to wait and see, it appears, as they didn't reveal any other details about this conversation.

Troubling realization

Elsewhere, we're going to see some more action from Emily as she continues to get accustomed to working at Rosewood High with her colleagues, Ali and Paige. This experience will be intensified when a troubling realization is presented to Ali in regards to her pregnancy and when Paige makes a very significant decision! What is Paige's huge decision? And what's this troubling realization that Ali has become privy to? These are very obvious questions that we'd like to see get answered immediately.

Fate of their relationship

Oh, we can't forget about cute Aria. She's definitely going to be in action as well, still calling into question the fate of her relationship with Ezra. A.D.

will also be causing more fear in her with further taunting. Then last, but most certainly not least, we've got Hanna and Spencer, working together, trying to locate Mary Drake. While doing so, they're going to run into a familiar person that apparently has a very startling secret they're hiding! Episode 14 is confirmed to arrive next Tuesday night, May 9th,2017 at 7pm central standard time on Freeform. Stay tuned.