Fans of Jeff Goldblum will get a chance to see the actor in an unusual role in “Thor: Ragnarok.” For the first time, the Hollywood actor has shared his experience with the film. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Jeff said that he enjoyed playing a warrior, Grandmaster, who is fascinated with the games enjoys every moment of his life. Being the ruler of the planet, Grandmaster develops a good relationship with everyone around. In the past, Goldblum refused to share information about the film and the nature of his character. But now, it seems that he has changed his mind, and decided to attract fans by speaking about the project.

Jeff Goldblum

Jeff Goldblum describes his character as a pleasure-seeker and a hedonist. He loves to stay happy in any situation and is ready to accept the challenges. The actor revealed that Waititi encouraged him to play Grandmaster in “Thor: Ragnarok.” He fully enjoyed the scenes with Cate Blanchett and used to spend quality time with the whole team.

Born in October 1952, Jeff Goldblum is a famous Hollywood actor who received numerous nominations throughout his acting career. He is best known for his works in “Jurassic Park,” “Independence Day,” “The Lost World,” “Resurgence,” “Invasion of the Body Snatchers,” “The Fly,” “Intro the Night,” and “The Big Chill.” The actor won two Saturn Awards and three Filmfare Awards for his works in “The Tall Guy,” and “Deep Cover.”

‘Thor: Ragnarok’ – the film

“Thor: Ragnarok” is an upcoming superhero movie based on the Marvel Comics character of the same name.

It is a project of Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures and Marvel Studios, and a sequel to “Thor,” and “The Dark World.” The film is directed and co-produced by Taika Waititi, with Eric Pearson serving as a screenplay writer.

The cast includes Chris Hemsworth, Idris Elba, Cate Blanchett, Tom Hiddleston, Tessa Thompson, Mark Ruffalo, Anthony Hopkins, and Karl Urban.

Principal photography took place in July 2016 in Sydney and Queensland. “Thor: Ragnarok” will swing into theaters on November 3, 2017.

Following the events of “Avengers: Age of Ultron,” the hero, Thor, is held captive on an unknown planet.

He has to win a gladiatorial duel against the villain, Hulk, to return to his world. The film was announced in October 2013 when Chris Hemsworth stated that he had contacted Marvel Studios for a new project.

In August 2014, more than 70 set and construction workers were terminated due to the complaints from the filmmaker. By the end of 2016, production began and Waititi hinted at the synopsis.