Chelsea Newman was a grifter when she came to town. She had lived her life conning people for a living. She now has her own business, and married into the wealthiest family in Genoa City. Chelsea seems to have turned her life around, and left the past behind her. That is until today. She ran into someone whose presence reminded her of what she thought would never be mentioned again.

Jordan has the answers

Jordan Wilde first came on the scene taking pictures of Lily Winter when she renewed her modeling career. The two had been friends in the past.

Since arriving in Genoa City, he was hired by Victoria Newman to be a photographer for her company Brash and Sassy, and did a photo shoot with Hillary Hamilton, the host of G.C. Buzz. Jordan developed feelings for the very married Lilly, but began a friends with benefits relationship with Hillary.

Last Friday Jordan ran into Chelsea, and the conversation took an interesting turn. It seems the two knew each other in the past. They never came right out and said what their connection was, only that they were young and broke and did what they had to do to survive. And they agreed they would keep it a secret. On Monday the two talked at length about their last "job" together. This would seem to imply that they worked as a duo on a con.

If the two had a personal relationship, there has been no indication, at least not yet. Unfortunately for Chelsea, she lied to Nick, the man she is currently dating. So when the secret comes out, it will probably hurt their relationship.

Where Chelsea and Jordan are headed

The writers of "The Young and the Restless" came out of left field with this one.

Jordan had been busy shadowing Lilly, and sleeping with Hillary. He and Hillary were even curious about what happened in Tokyo with Cane and Juliet. Viewers thought these two would work together and break up Cane and Lilly -- Hillary to get even, and Jordan to get the girl. On Monday's episode, Jordan broke things off with Hillary when he realized she was still hung up on her ex, Devon.

The writers may have Jordan and Chelsea's relationship explored.

Whatever connection Chelsea and Jordan had in the past, they are determined to hide it. Viewers know that everything eventually comes to light in Genoa City. It will be interesting to watch it all play out, and see how everything falls into place.