Ryan Seacrest didn't seem all that surprised by “Live” co-host, Kelly Ripa reading the near confirmation that American Idol would be returning. What Seacrest did divulge, however, is that he wasn’t certain that the original TV singing competition would be returning to ABC. Ryan Seacrest has no worry about support from his “TV wife." Kelly Ripa was nothing short of schoolgirl giddy in contemplating the revival, and all the ways that she is willing to step in and make everything work out for her A. M. sidekick.

‘Nights are free’

Any TV viewer on the planet realized that “American Idol” and Ryan Seacrest were only briefly on pause as Season 15 signed off, with Seacrest deliberately adding “for now” following his goodbye.

Far from being forlorn, Seacrest and judges Jennifer Lopez, Harry Connick, Jr., and Keith Urban kept the focus on everything that set the competition apart. The compressed process of crafting superstars from bedroom singers across the country has created lasting icons of music more than any other competition. Carrie Underwood, Kelly Clarkson, and Fantasia Barrino remain regulars in Grammy contention, concert arenas, and TV appearances. Taylor Hicks hosts his own Americana food show, and many other contenders keep viable careers.

Kelly Ripa is more than considerate of the compressed time in Ryan Seacrest’s day, with his radio duties, and shuffling constant requests for his contagious spirit and vocal on-air stylings.

“Your nights are free,” she exuberantly reminded. “You won't even have to think. I'll do it all for you,” pledged Ripa, referring to the days “after” when even the effervescent Ryan may be bleary-eyed. He countered by saying how much preparation he does for his early-morning shift, and not committing to being locked into center stage again.

True and transplanted

There are naysayers who dismiss any “American Idol” return as coming too soon in the current media climate where so much programming is in the talent competition vein. The field of talent for the final season was stronger and more diverse than ever, and cultivated artistry above mere ability to sing, with talents like MacKenzie Bourg, Trent Harmon, and La’Porsha Renae shining through the finals.

Renae’s album, “Already All Ready” released in March to welcoming reviews.

“American Idol” will likely make another concession to make things easy for Ryan Seacrest. The competition will transplant itself to the Big Apple, and New York City could provide a whole new rejuvenating groove. If “America's Got Talent” did it for Howard Stern, then “American Idol” surely can do the same to snag Seacrest.

Ryan’s mom and dad were interviewed for the breaking report on “The Insider” and his mom had no qualms about her son having the energy to manage an “American Idol” comeback. “I always like to see him on TV, no matter where he is,” she gushed. Kelly is giddy, mom is set to make room in her TV schedule, but is Ryan ready to give it a go? He models his work ethic after Dick Clark, who remained ageless and invigorated far into his senior years, so by that measure, the 42-year-old is just a youngster.