On Friday's episode of "The Young and the Restless," Victoria Newman had a heart to heart talk with her brother Nicholas. Vicky has been devastated since finding out that her ex-husband Billy, is back with former lover Phyllis. She needed Nick's perspective on the situation, and he was all too eager to give it.

Victoria wants to know about Phyllis

Phyllis was once married to Nick, which made her Victoria's sister in law. She later, married Jack Abbot, which then made her Billy's sister in law. In spite of the family dynamic, Billy and Phyllis had an affair, while she was still married to his brother.

Vicky cannot figure out why the male population in Genoa City seem to go for Phyllis. She asked Nick why so many men find her former sister in law irresistible. She tells brother that men consider her to be cold and harsh.

On "The Young and the Restless,' Victoria shares with her sibling how she wishes to reconcile with her former husband. Nicholas tells his sister to not try to out do Phyllis. He says that she should be the best Victoria that she can be. Nick adds that if Vicky indeed wants to put her family back together she should go for it. And that if she really wants Billy back, she should fight for what she wants.

Victor Newman's long arm affects Billy and Victoria

Nicholas and Victoria's father, Victor Newman has on many occasions,willfully and maliciously set things in motion to tear Billy and Victoria apart.

This time his long arm has reached them, and it was unwittingly. The siblings and their mom Nikki, found out that Victor manipulated a situation that ultimately led to the death of his son Adam. The trio decided to keep the news to themselves, so that family and business ventures would not suffer.

Prior to this, Billy and Victoria had been getting closer, and even shared a kiss.

Each of them was believing they were headed towards a reconciliation. After Victor was banned from a birthday party for Vicky's son Reed, he had an expensive vehicle delivered to the party venue. Billy noticed his former wife was nervous and anxious. When he asked what was going on, Victoria angrily told her ex to stay out of her business.

Billy became frustrated because his ex was going hot and cold on him. He decided he could get along better with his brother's former wife, and he and Phyllis began their relationship once more. Later, Vicki apologizes to Billy and asks if they can try again, but he tells her it is too late. The next day when the company elevator opens, Victoria sees Billy kissing Phyllis, and they tell her that they are back together. So now her brother has encouraged her, and Vicki is panning on getting her man back.