On Thursday and Friday's episodes of "The Young and the Restless," viewers received confirmation of something that has been suspected for quite a while. Chelsea Newman needs her head examined. The reveal that her best friend Chloe blew up a cabin with her husband Adam insid, has shown us that the former con artist is slipping.

Who Chelsea was

Chelsea came to town, compliments of no other than Victor Newman. When Billy Abbott was in a foreign country, Victor hired Chelsea to seduce him. The storyline did not reveal just how Victor and Chelsea crossed paths.

It was made clear however that she was a grifter. Later, realizing she was pregnant, Chelsea set her sights on Genoa City and Billy, her baby daddy. Victor thought he could use this situation to drive a wedge between his daughter Victoria and "Billy Boy" whom he despises. Victor failed because Chelsea signed legal custody of her baby boy over to Billy and Victoria. They continue to raise Johnny together today.

Chelsea continued with her method of operation, however, and conned a few more people. She lied to Dylan, by allowing him to believe that her second child, Conner was his. Adam Newman was really the child's father. Eventually, Chelsea and Adam wed. She also became friends with kindred spirit Chloe, who lied about the paternity of her own child Delia.

When Adam accidentally hit Delia with his vehicle and killed her, everything changed. Chloe ran Adam down with her car and was sent to a mental facility.

Chelsea's decline

When Chloe returned, she convinced everyone she had reformed. She had Chelsea rekindled their friendship, but Chloe had ulterior motives. After blowing up a cabin where Adam was waiting for his wife and son, Crazy Chloe moved in with Chelsea.

She was a wonderful best friend and even helped raise Adam's son Conner. The grieving widow leaned heavily on her friend. This is why when Nick suspected that Chloe murdered Adam, Chelsea did not believe it. Viewers kept waiting for Chelsea's skills to kick in and for her to catch on to Chloe's lies. She never did. Fans wondered why "The Young and the Restless," allowed a once sharp woman to dummy down.

Even when confronted with evidence, Chelsea accused Nick of lying. What happened to the life skills, that kept Chelsea afloat all those years. Why did this once discerning con artist, not pick up anything on her friend? Was it because she was too close to the situation? Whatever the reason, Chelsea is now second guessing herself. She cannot believe that she a professional, was duped by Chloe an amateur. The con artist got conned. The grifter got grifted. And now Chelsea is tormented, full of self-doubt and guilt. She will probably be so for a long time.