The long wait is finally over! "New Girl" has been renewed by Fox for its seventh and final season. Fox announced last Sunday that season 7 will be the show's very last installment. The news was further confirmed by Jake Johnson through his Twitter account. The actor excitedly revealed on social media that the series will have eight final episodes.

'New Girl' is Fox highest-rated show

In one of the interviews with Johnson, he stated that the cast members and crew of the series were prepared for the popular sitcom to end in season 6. Thus, the season finale was written to be both a season ender and a potential series finale.

Johnson also explained that Fox won't give them a guarantee that the series will be renewed, thus, they shot the best ending on the season 6 finale.

Meanwhile, as "New Girl" continues to air for the final season, it is expected that season 7 will feature the final journey of Jess. The viewers have loved her for the past six years and as the show comes to a close, it will definitely show her full arc. Further, Brett Baer, the show's executive producer, revealed that during the recent season finale, they didn't know whether or not the show would be returning. Fortunately, Fox has picked the series for another installment.

One of the reports from Bustle claimed that "New Girl" is Fox highest-rated sitcom for the 2016-2017 seasons.

Definitely, it will be sad for the viewers to see the show go. Nevertheless, season 7 is expected to be packed with huge announcements and viewers will still have the opportunity to see how things will work out with the girls for its upcoming eight episodes.

Season 7 is the best season yet

As the series continues for its final and seventh installment, fans can look forward to the fact that it will be the best season they will ever have.

Nick and Jess will be featured to be in a healthy relationship. On the other hand, Schmidt and Cece will prepare to become parents while Winston and Aly will prepare for their marriage.

Further, Baer also revealed that the show will definitely evolve in its next franchise. There will be more questions to be answered and season seven won't likely deal with dating and romance anymore.

Moreover, the final season is likely to follow the life of the entire gang as they head to a new transition in this, another chapter.

As of now, Fox has not revealed further details about its renewal but it will unveil its schedule soon on Monday. Just keep posted for the latest updates!