Fox has finally revealed a slew of new details about their brand new television show connected to the X-Men universe. The new television show from Fox, now officially titled The Gifted,” will take place in the same world as the “X-men” and “Deadpool” movies and has officially received a first season order from Fox.

Fox unveiled a teaser trailer yesterday, along with a slew of new photos of the show as well, and a full trailer of the show is slated to be released on Monday, May 15. It is currently unknown how many episodes the first season will be comprised of or when Fox will premiere the show.

However, “X-men” movie director Bryan Singer will be directing the pilot episode and the script will be written by the creator of “Burn Notice” Matt Nix.

Nix will be running the show, with “The Gifted” being produced by the same folks at Marvel and Fox that worked on the critical new hit television show “Legion.”

Family on the run.

The Gifted” will be centered around the story of two average parents Reed Stewart played by Stephen Moyer from “True Blood, ” and Kate Stewart played by Amy Acker from “Angel” and “Person of Interest” who discover that their children are mutants with superpowers.

The family is forced to go into hiding, after facing persecution from the government, and they soon join an underground network of mutants who are fighting for their lives.

Not a lot is known about the underground network of mutants at this time, but fans speculate that the group will be the infamous Morlocks organization from the X-men comics.

In the X-men comics, the Morlocks are a group of mutants that survive in abandoned tunnels and sewers underneath New York City, always fighting for survival because of the hostility they faced in the surface world.

Look at all the stars!

The Gifted” will also have a bunch of stars backing up Acker and Moyer. Natalie Alyn Lind from “Gotham” will play Lauren the daughter of Reed and Kate, Jamie Chung from “Once Upon A Time” will play the mutant Blink who has the power to create teleportation portals, Blair Redford from “Switched at Birth” will be Thunderbird, Percy Hynes White from “Defiance” will play Andy, Emma Dumont from “Pretty Little Liars” will play Polaris, and Coby Bell from “Burn Notice” will play Jace.

Connected to the movies!

At the moment, Bryan Singer is only slated to direct the pilot episode, but Matt Nix confirmed: “The Gifted” will feature some connections to the “X-men” movies in some kind of capacity, but he has remained tight-lipped about what those connections might be.

However, with the show set to premiere on Fox in the near future, and given the fact that Fox also owns the rights to the “X-men” movies, a deal could be worked out to use characters from the movies or even possibly crossover the show with the movies.

The premiere date for “The Gifted” is unknown at this point, but fans can expect a more concrete announcement for the premiere after the full trailer debuts on Monday, May 15.