"Vikings" season five has just wrapped up filming, and it is expected to air later this year. The Production also revealed that they had completed the upcoming season months before the season four aired its episode finale. Meanwhile, Morgan O'Sullivan, the series executive producer, teases that season five will be more remarkable, and this time, more camels will be shown.

Season five will offer 20 new episodes

Fans always look forward to what season five holds for them. Basically, one of the exciting news revealed that its forthcoming season would have 20 episodes to air.

Right now, "Vikings" is on its post-production session, and it is expected to return on TV later this year. Both the cast and the crew had been working hard in order to continue the journey of Ragnar Lothbrok's children. Meanwhile, the production also revealed that season five will be a lot different and fabulous.

Just recently, O'Sullivan also talked about the upcoming season, and he tackled about the show's increasing popularity and release date. He has been aware of the fact that "Vikings" has been compared to HBO's "Game of Thrones" and the executive producer finds it more interesting.

Further, O'Sullivan also revealed that the upcoming season will have more camels and it will enhance its story in a manner which Vikings travel.

To recall, the production started filming in Ireland and eventually, they moved to Morocco and Iceland. It has been their aim not only to continue the story of the show but to deliver the series more extensively.

Series release date to be revealed

Amidst the popularity of the series, it has been known that its schedule faced some trouble last year.

The network was encouraged to double its episode and to premiere the forthcoming season on spring. However, season four only lasted for a couple of months and thus, this will make fans to wait a little more time before these new episodes will air on TV.

As of now, the production has not confirmed its release date yet, however, it is expected that it will return airing before the year ends.

Some speculations also claim that the forthcoming season will premiere some time in November and which requires viewers to wait a little more.

Nevertheless, "Vikings" season five will be worth the wait. O'Sullivan also revealed that its new season is expected to bring fans into a new direction and something which will blow off their minds. He also revealed that writing for "Vikings" has been a challenge for him since most of them deals with lack of materials. Despite it all, Season 5 will be an interesting season, and it is expected that new characters are joining the show.