With five more episodes left for its third season finale, Fox has picked up the Batman prequel series, "Gotham" for its Season 4 installment. The announcement was made official by the network, and it came shortly after it has been reported that Fox is keeping the series for another season. This is another DC Comic TV series that is sure to come back for the 2018 TV season.

'Gotham' season 4 release date

There's a lot going on right now since Fox is on the verge of making renewals and cancellations of its TV series. Fortunately, "Gotham" Season 4 has been picked up for another launch.

However, there is no official word yet on when season 4 will premiere. Most probably the series will likely air on September of 2018.

Meanwhile, the characters will still have time to develop since there's still a plenty room for more improvements. Viewers will get the chance to see Bruce Wayne grows up and they'll get to see more of his teenage years. For the meantime, Fox hasn't revealed further details yet of its renewal, but it is expected that fans will get to learn more on Monday when Fox will have their Upfront presentation.

Meanwhile, the current season of the series has placed its focus to the different Batman villains. The villainous characters include Court of Owls Mystery, Edward Nygma, Riddler identity, and the ascendance of Robin Lord Taylor's Oswald Cobblepot.

Further, the series will also reveal the real identity of the Joker.

Fox announces renewals, pickups, and cancellations

As a report from Screenrant, Fox is making a big announcement this month that pertains to renewals, pickups, and cancellations of TV shows. While confirming "Gotham" Season 4 renewal, Fox also renewed other TV series like "Lucifer," "Lethal Weapon," and "Last Man on Earth."

The network also picked up some superhero series like "The Gifted," which is an X-Men series for the small screen.

Further, Fox is going to have both the DC and Marvel characters to play next fall and which is preferably an exciting mix for the network.

Moreover, "Gotham" Season 4 renewal doesn't come much as a big surprise since the show remains to be Fox's most popular scripted series. The popularity of Batman being the superhero is undeniably one of the reasons for the series to be renewed. However, if the series fails to increase its ratings on TV, the season 4 might end up the final season of the show. Hence, make sure to check back and wait for more update!