Hey, "Empire" fans. It's definitely about to get hot in here for the new episode 16 of season 3, because we're told that the tensions between the Dubois family and the Lyons is about to get even hotter. We have the wonderful folks at FOX to thank for these big spoiler scoops, because they revealed them in their latest press release. We've also got Lucious and Jamal, reaching a breakthrough with a new song. Cookie's going to try to get a new plan for Empire, set in motion, and more.

"Absent Child"

They have titled this one: "Absent Child." To get things started, they made sure to let us know that the war between the Lyons and the Dubois families is certainly going get even hotter, and they put that part in all capital letters!

So, I would definitely look for this storyline to get most of the attention.

Culprits to blame

They elaborated on it a little more by telling us that the Lyon family is going to start fearing that the Dubois family are the culprits to blame for their latest crisis that they have encountered, and no one will be willing to come forward with any new information. This is going to prompt Cookie to go ahead and take this matter into her own, freaking hands. What exactly is Cookie going to do? Whatever it is, will it help or do more harm? These are the burning questions for this part of the plotline. We're definitely going to have to wait it out to see what happens, but we might see a glimpse of these scenes in the preview clip that we expect FOX to release after episode 15 airs, tonight, so be sure to watch out for that.

Huge breakthrough

Next, we learn that Jamal and Lucious will be in action in regards to a song they've been working on. Apparently, they're going to make some huge breakthrough with it. What is this huge breakthrough. Is it a melody? Is it the lyrics? Those are a few questions for that situation. In the same sentence, they let us know that crazy Andre is going to end up lashing out yet again.

What is the problem now? And how much damage will he do with his latest snap?

Sin City

Finally, we've got this last scoop, which informs us that Cookie will be in another scene, revealing that she has a new plan that she wants to implement in regards to the Empire project that's going on in Sin City, Las Vegas, Nevada. What is this elaborate plan?

Will she be able to get it to fall through? Hopefully, we'll see those intriguing questions get answered in this episode. We're also going to see a special guest star appearance by rapper Fetty Wap at some point. He'll be playing character, Trig. They didn't describe who Trig is. We just know he'll be in it.

Entire crew marching

FOX also revealed some official photos for episode 16. We've included one (above) that features the entire Empire crew, marching to somewhere. They look like they mean real,serious business. No doubt about that. Episode 16 is confirmed to show up next Wednesday night, May 10th,2017 at 8pm central time on FOX. Stay tuned.