Hey, "Law And Order: SVU" peeps. We're about to see some very weird claims go down in the upcoming episode 18 of this current season 18. We were given these new spoiler scoops from the NBC press release team. We've got an official synopsis for this thing that lets us know that the SVU team will, indeed, be hitting up someone, claiming to be a spiritual healer after claims of assault and incapacitation are made!


We've also learned that the producers decided to name this episode: "Spellbound." In their official description, they got right down to business, telling us that the SVU is going to, at some point, open up a big investigation on a spiritual healer that they are describing as being quite charismatic.

This spiritual healer character will be played by guest star: Stuart Townsend.

Very serious allegations

Stuart has been seen in numerous TV shows for various networks. Some of them, include: WGN's "Salem," CBS' "Elementary," "Betrayal," "Night Stalker," "Will & Grace," and many more. His character will be sought after by the SVU team in this episode, because one of his clients is going to eventually come forward with some very serious allegations, saying that he incapacitated her and assaulted her! These claims will obviously need to be backed up by some sort of proof, and that's where the SVU team will come into play with their investigation.

Will they find some evidence that will point to this lady's claims being true?

Or will they come up short and have to call it a day? Unfortunately, they didn't give us that important information in this press release for obvious reasons. What we do know, is that this episode should give us some very intense and intriguing scenes to look forward to.

NBC kept things very short with this press release, only giving us that one storyline scoop.

We're sure the episode will definitely feature a couple of other scenarios, since it is an hour long show. However, I would definitely look for this whole spiritual healer thing to be the one that gets the most attention.

Season finale coming up

We might be seeing a new preview clip for episode 18, show up after episode 17 wraps up later on tonight, so you'll want to look for that, because it will certainly reveal some extra details.

NBC ordered 22 episodes for this season, so we still have a couple more to go before it wraps up. The season 18 finale is set to land on May 24th,2017, and we'll be seeing a straight line of new episodes until that date. Actually, they're going to throw the last, two episodes in there together on the same night. That's right. Back to back episodes for the finale. Get excited! Episode 18 is confirmed to air next Wednesday night, May 10th,2017 at 8pm central time on NBC. Stay tuned.