Hey, "Empire" peeps. It's that time again. We've got some new spoilery intel for you guys to check out after tonight's big episode. They are for the next, new episode 15 of this current season 3. And as usual, we're going to see some more crazy drama go down in this one as Hakeem will decide, he wants to beg Lucious to give him paternity of Bella at some point. We've got Cookie's suspicions on the rise in regards to what exactly are Lucious' intentions for Giuliana and Empire's future, and more.

They're calling it: "Civil Hands Unclean"

We, of course, also have a name for this episode.

The Producers decided to title it: "Civil Hands Unclean." They started off their description by saying that the Dubois family is going to clap back at some point, and they made it a point to put this fact in all caps, so it seems like that's going to be a really important event in this one.

They went on to elaborate on this storyline, telling us that things are going to get very toxic between Angelo and Cookie at some point. In fact, it's going to be so bad that it's going to leave her, questioning her recent decisions! Will this get bad enough to cause them to break up? Or will they get past this crazy drama? Those are the big questions for this storyline. They didn't reveal anything else about it, so it looks like we're going to have to wait to see how this situation plays out.

It should give us some very hot drama though.

More responsible father

Next, they talked about the Hakeem storyline. It turns out that he's going to want to be a more responsible father all of a sudden, so he's going to hit the public airwaves to beg Lucious to give up paternity of his little baby Bella to him. And this will all go down during his big return to Empire Xstream.

Will Hakeem's whining get Lucious to give him paternity? Or will he just leave him hanging?

Future of the company

Elsewhere, we're going to see Cookie get even more suspicious of Lucious when it comes to what's going on with his relationship with Giuliana. Basically, she's going to want to know what the hell he wants from her.

She'll also be questioning what his intentions are for the future of Empire in the Vegas area. Will Cookie get some answers to all of her suspicions? Or will she just keep wondering what the hell is really going on with him?

Overtime work

Elsewhere, we'll be seeing Jamal and Lucious, putting in a lot of overtime work in an effort to finally finish up their albums. The obvious questions here, is will they be able to get them completed in time? Or will they just not get enough time to get it done? We might see some extra details about these storylines in the preview clip that's expected to release after episode 14 gets done airing, so be sure to keep your eyes peeled for that.

Snoop's in it

They also let us know that we'll seeing a guest star appearance from rap legend, Snoop Dogg.

He'll be playing himself, so that should be an interesting addition to the storyline. Episode 15 is due to hit the airwaves next Wednesday night, May 3rd, 2017 at 8pm central time on FOX. Stay tuned.