Recently, we got the new,official plot summary spoilers for the upcoming "Empire" episode 14 of the current season 3 from the wonderful FOX peeps. This one's a pretty big one, because they gave us four, strong storyline scoops to work with. It turns out that we'll be seeing Lucious get put on edge ,once again, after he gets some not-so-great news from Cookie. A scandalous situation will go down with Giuliana when she moves in on Lucious to get him to do her bidding. We'll also see some more intriguing stuff from the Anika and Tariq partnership, and more.

It's "Love Is A Smoke"

They also let us know what this installment has been titled. It turns out that the producers decided to call it: "Love Is A Smoke." They started off their official description by telling us that a whole lot of drama is going to get started by a new player in town. We're also going to see a major betrayal take place!

Very unsure

Next, they revealed that we're going to see Cookie deliver some shocking news to Lucious at some point. It sounds like it won't be good news, either, because they tell us that it's going to make him feel very unsure about the future. What could this crazy news be? Will Lucious be able to get past the shock? Those are a couple of big questions for this storyline.

Unfortunately, they didn't reveal what this shocking news actually is in their press release, so it looks like we'll have to wait for this episode to air to find out what it is.

Giuliana goes to work

Elsewhere, we're going to see Giuliana (guest star Nia Long) in action, again. They tell us that she is going to try to move in on Lucious, and eventually get him to go along with the new plans that she's cooked up.

What will these new plans of hers, entail? How will she get Lucious to agree to them? Those are the interesting questions for this plotline, and it should be interesting to see how it ends up, playing out.

Plotting and scheming

In their third storyline scoop, they let us know that we're going to see Tariq and Anika back in action.

They will be trying to come up with some new scheme. They didn't go into detail about what this new plan of theirs will consist of, so that'll be a huge question for this storyline. That situation is definitely intriguing, though. I really want to see how far they're going to take that storyline.

Charlotte Frost holds the key

Finally, they gave us one, last teaser scoop, which will involve character, Charlotte Frost (played bust guest star Eva Longoria). It turns out that she's going to be holding a lot of power in her hands as they tell us that she will be the one to go to, to make the Empire Las Vegas dream happen. Will Charlotte help make it happen? Or will she leave Empire hanging? It all remains to be seen as they definitely didn't give up that information here.

Alright, that's all the teasers we got from this press release, so that's going to wrap things up for this session. However, as always, look out for the newest preview clip that should get released after episode 15 gets done airing tonight. Also, we need to tell you that we won't be seeing this episode air until Wednesday night, April 26th,2017 at 8pm central time on FOX. For some reason, they're skipping next week. Stay tuned.