James Cameron revealed when "Avatar 2" will premiere, according to Reuters. The sequel of the famous Fantasy Movie was delayed again and it won't premiere in 2018, according to statements from the Canadian filmmaker.

'Avatar 2' delayed

The premiere of the movie was initially scheduled for December 21, 2018. Cameron announced on Facebook that the team is already working on the production of the next four movies simultaneously. The director says that the first sequel is going to be launched in 2020, followed by three more in 2021, 2024, and 2025.

Big challenges for the team

Cameron said that the simultaneous shooting of the next four movies is similar to working on a TV miniseries. Keeping everything in order is one of the most challenging aspects, according to James Cameron. Another big challenge for the actors is the fact that the story is a saga. This means their characters will be at a different stage of their lives. The director compared this to making the three "Godfather" movies at the same time. Cameron also said that all the engines are running right now for the next four movies. Considering the fact that they are going to shoot about 8 hours of story, this is really a huge challenge for the team.

About the premiere date, James Cameron said he doesn't worry, because he thinks the date of the launch is not important, but more important is when the next movies will be launched.

More exactly, he wants the next movies to be launched as close to each other as possible.

Great success and record earnings for 'Avatar'

"Avatar" was a famous fantasy movie launched in 2009 by Twentieth Century Fox. The story was fascinating because it's a fantasy adventure placed in the year 2154 in the distant and magical world of Pandora — a moon from the solar system Alpha Centauri.

The movie was nominated for nine Oscars, and it eventually won three trophies in 2010. It also surpassed all box office records, as the film earned an estimated $2.8 billion. The famous story was partially filmed in New Zealand, but the special effects were handled by Weta Digital — the company who also handled the special effects for the "Lord Of The Rings" trilogy and "The Hobbit" series.