Hey, "Designated Survivor" fans. It certainly sounds like the intensity level will be cranked up as a nationwide manhunt for the conspiracy mastermind gets put into effect in this big season 1 finale episode 21! We're also going to see the beautiful Hanna in action, being forced to have to pull out all the stops before the conspiracy launches one more final attack! We got these heavy storyline spoiler teasers from ABC's recent press release, so much thanks for their good job.

"Brace For Impact"

They also revealed that the title for this season 1-ender, is going to be labeled: "Brace For Impact." I guess it couldn't have been described any better.

To get their major description started, they let us know that this finale episode will be very nail biting indeed, letting us know that we should expect to see a lot of suspenseful moments!

After that, they went right into the Hannah storyline, telling us that she is going to be put in a position where she will be forced to have to put an end to the conspiracy's wicked plans before it can set off its final attack. Will Hanna actually be able to pull this off? Or will the conspiracy win out and cause even more turmoil? What kind of problems would this huge attack cause if it were to go off? Those are the mega huge questions for this storyline. For obvious reasons, we're not going to get the answers for these questions in this press release, so we're going to have to just wait and see.

One thing's for sure, is that Hanna is going to give us some very heavy suspense with her storyline. No doubt about that.

Official authorization

Elsewhere, they let us know that while Hanna is busy with her situation, President Kirkman is going to be in the midst of giving his official authorization to launch a freaking, lethal manhunt for whoever is behind this crazy conspiracy to put an end to it, once and for freaking all!

Will Kirkman's people successfully be able to hunt down this mastermind culprit? Or will this person always stay one step ahead of them? Those are the big, burning questions for this plotline. Hopefully, we'll get to see them all play out in this episode. It's quite possible since we haven't gotten an official season 2 renewal from ABC yet.

However, it's being reported by mostly everyone that ABC will likely renew it. So, if the producers strongly believe that, they may give us a major cliffhanger that will have us waiting until the new season starts, to see what the hell happens next. This episode was written David Guggenheim, and they got Fred Toye to direct this thing.

Emily looks focused

One other thing, we did get some official photos for this finale episode. We've included one of them (above), which gives us a new look at the beautiful Italia Ricci in action as character, Emily Rhodes. She looks very serious and focused in this scene. Aaron is spotted in action in some of the other photos not shown here. He's seen, paying Harris Cochrane a visit, so that should be pretty interesting. Episode 21 is confirmed to air next Wednesday night, May 17th,2017 at 9pm central time on ABC. Stay tuned.